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Showa Retro Tavern Boyhood

Showa Retro Tavern Boyhood


I went to “Showa Retro Izakaya Boyhood” to enjoy sake in a retro atmosphere.

I like this kind of shop, lol.


When you enter the store, there are many old toys!

Well, I do not know because I’m not the generation… Lol.

The group of other customers was very excited!


The Clerk will guide you to the private room.

Use the coupon to order a drink.

Unlimited drinks (coupon used for 120 minutes 980 yen)


A little darker photograph continues, but acknowledge. Lol

Vegetable stick (380 yen)

Carrot, radish, cucumber stick ◎

I will give you miso mayo.


Bite butter Croquettes (380 yen)

It is crispy freshly fried ♪

The sauce is multiplied a lot ◎

Genghis Khan (480 yen)

yes! Soft and delicious!

By the way, the sauce of the bell is so lol.

Crispy ham cutlet (380 yen)

I love ham cutlet!

Although it was a little small, it was regrettable, but the thin cloth was crispy.

The liquor goes on.

The music in the store also depends on the main song of Showa, and there was atmosphere ♪

It’s all reasonable, so it might be fun to ask a lot of people.

Also with the line.


Showa Retro Tavern Boyhood

● Address

Hokkaido 5 Minami Gojo Nishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo LC Rokukan 2f
Business Hours

Mon ~ Thu 17:00 ~ Next 3:00

Fri, Sat 17:00 ~ Next 5:00

● Telephone

0066-9673-30179 (reservation only number, toll free)

011-522-8860 (Contact number)

● Regular holiday

Sunday (Monday is a national holiday)


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