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The plate soba Nami Hee

The plate soba Nami Hee

Theme: noodles

The bird Heaven has been to the famous “the Board soba Nami Ki” ◎

It is very close to Sapporo Kita High School.


The store has a clean feeling.

A lot of families were seen on this day.

It is shown to the seat, and the order is Bird heaven of course ♪

I’ve been waiting for a while.

Bird Heaven (750 yen)

Wow, that’s hearty! Looks delicious!

Then, I’ll take ◎

First, birds from heaven.


The Four Birds of heaven ♪

There are two kinds of vegetable heavens.

The popular bird heaven will be soaked in the heavenly broth.

The clothes are plump and the texture is light.

Because I use a breast, I am oily, and am a peku.

By the way + 200 yen bird heaven There is also eight bird heaven ♪

Next, buckwheat noodles.


The waist is firmly, and it is necessary to do.

The soup has a thick eye, but I like this much.

Still, the affinity of soba and tempura is the best!

If you eat alternately, you can not get tired.

Because there was also a bird tendon, I wonder if I ask next time!?

Also with the line.


The plate soba Nami Hee

● Address

Hokkaido 13-2-1 Kita-jo-Nishi, Kita-ku, Sapporo
Business Hours

11:00 ~ 21:00

● Telephone


● Regular holiday



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