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Urato Castle [1/2] The last castle of Mr. Chosokabe Motochika who was on the hill overlooking Katsura Beach.

Urato Castle [1/2] The last castle of Mr. Chosokabe Motochika who was on the hill overlooking Katsura Beach.

The castle was built on a hill near Katsura Beach, Kochi Prefecture, and was the last castle of the former parent of Tosa and Chosokabe Motochika, and the last base of the Sengoku daimyo Chosokabe Motochika. Many structures such as buildings and stone walls were lost because Kazuhiro Yamauchi, who ruled the Tosa after the amendment, took away the materials for the construction of Kochi Castle. Moreover, the ruins were destroyed by the construction of the national dormitory and Sakamoto Ryoma Memorial Hall because it was near the Katsura beach famous for Sakamoto Ryoma in the present age. Currently, the hill which is the tower mark, and the stone ruins which remain in the vicinity very much, and Horikiri mark etc. can be seen. The graves and statues of former parents are erected near the castle ruins.

Basic Data >
Name: Urato Castle (Wikipedia)
● Location: Kochi-shi, kochi ( map )
-Lord: Chosokabe Motochika ex-parent, Chosokabe Motochika Morichika
● Castle: 16th century
-Remains: Stone wall, Horikiri, tower stand mark

Date of Visit: May, 2017
Visit to the Ura Castle-the one and two .

Visit >

urato_01_9297The castle ruins are headed to “Sakamoto Ryoma Memorial Hall” and “Katsura Hamaso” located near Katsura Beach. Get off at the summit hassle-free parking lot. The forest in front of the tower is the ruins of the Urato castle. The Sakamoto Ryoma Memorial Museum is a building that looks in the right back of the driveway.

urato_02_9299Let’s climb to the tower.

urato_03_9307Tower ruins have become a mountain Shido shrine. The old stone Torii stands on the halfway.

urato_04_9305It was a good situation to say that it was Sakamoto Ryoma, and the new noborihata that the local preservation association built was conspicuous in part around the Urato castle ruins. Castle ruins.

urato_05_9306The rebuilding of the castle of Castle of Chosokabe Motochika Morichika!! Most of the main parts of the castle ruins are destroyed by the construction of the national Housing and Sakamoto Ryoma Memorial Hall, and the ruins are almost lost.

urato_07_9311Up the hill. At the top of the mountain, a small stone product and two companies enshrined.

urato_08_9315Tower the ruins of the Urato castle.

urato_09_9314The explanation board of the Tower of the Ura Castle. Some stones seem to be remnants of stone walls are exposed on the slope. It was built in the last years of the former parents, and the Tower of Tower worth of five between four sides and three layers had been built here.

urato_10_9310The tower is destroyed by the construction of the north side, and the original shape is difficult to understand, but the ridge which extends elongated rather than the square is seen.

urato_06_9309It might be a mark of the stone wall before, and the exposure of some stones is seen when the slope is looked a little while suddenly. If you remove the withered grass and perform the excavation investigation, it will come out more variously.

urato_11_9316Let’s get off the tower (the far left forest) and explore the main part of the former Pudong Castle. It is only a little, but remains have been maintained the remains. A round building with a view of the interior is Katsura Hamaso. Attention behind the blue car in front. This area of the east side of the tower is called the “column of the Filling”, and becomes a place equivalent to Honmaru.

urato_12_9317The stone monument of the Ura Castle which stands just beside the parking lot. And, there is an explanation board and a restoration stone wall beside the stone monument, and this is a state that the car is not seen firmly by the way because of the parking lot side soon.

urato_13_9318The Urato castle ruins explanation board. Because it is a type that is etched on a shiny iron plate, various things are reflected and it is very hard to read. In the past, the castle of the Chosokabe Motochika Castle was established by Mr. Ohkosaka from Oka Toyoshiro (now Kochi Castle), and the Urato castle facing the port was set as Honjo, and it was changed to a modern castle with tower and stone walls. However, it is said that the impression of the castle of the transitional period from the medieval castle fortress to the early modern fortress only of adding tower etc. to the medieval castle fortress as long as the old drawing is seen. The stone wall next to this is the one that relocated a part of the rock base which extended from the tower was preserved.

urato_14_9320This is the stone wall which relocated a part of the base which extended from tower. I take it from the side because of the location where the car is lined with zulari right now.

urato_15_9321Relocated stone walls. In the age of the former parents, it is not known whether it piled up as it is and it piled up as it is, and, however, it was piling up like this at first relocated.

urato_16_9322The management condition is bad in the grass.

urato_17_9323A part of the stone wall of the Urato castle was excavated in the area which was recessed between Katsura Hamaso and the Memorial Hall, and it went because there was a place where it kept. I found a small guide board. To the back.

urato_18_9324An inorganic wall of concrete punching. In the back, you can see the stone wall!

urato_19_9335There was a stone wall in one step down. This staircase, named “Time Staircase”, is written in the upper part “1993”. When this is done.

urato_20_9334And, it says, “1600” when descending. If you go down a small eight-step staircase, you will be about 400 years in time.

urato_21_9330A part of the stone wall on the east side of the Urato castle.

urato_22_9331The stone steps that rise above the stone wall are attached sideways.

urato_23_9337Full view of Ishigaki. When you look closely, the top of the stone wall is hardened by the concrete of the pebble mixture.

urato_24_9326The explanatory board was pasted on the wall in front of the stone walls. It is engraved by etching on a shiny iron plate here, and it is really hard to read.

urato_24a_9326Character part up. Hard to read. During the renovation work of Katsura Hamaso in 1993, the stone wall was detected from the east and southeast parts of the filling stage. A stone wall with a total extension of 80m is built in the eastern periphery and is presumed to be a part of it. The Masugata and the dog run, and the structure such as the stone wall of the folding screen is seen. The bottom is almost unreadable.

urato_25_9327The drawing looks good because it is painted on white and painted on this street. Why didn’t the characters do this? An orange part is excavated from the stone wall. It is understood that the stone wall which came out from the place of the building of Katsura Hamaso had been relocated in the back of the parking lot earlier. It seems that a long stone wall is built on the slope of the back side of Katsura Hamaso, but it was not able to reach.

And tower units. The rest are scattered in castle, and it haggling to see the one related to the Urato Castle lightly in order.

urato_26_9339First, the old castle ruins monument. It stands in the middle of the roadway which rises to Katsura Hamaso. It is not known whether there is a relation to the ruins of the castle though the bottom is hardened in the stone wall.

urato_27_9340The castle of the URA door. It was Mr. Chosokabe Motochika who transferred the castle to this ground which suppressed the port from the castle fortress, but Kazuhiro Yamauchi who entered after the reform immediately built the Kochi Castle and moved there. “It was not suitable for the castle Town management as the main capital. It is sad.

urato_28_9341Castle the Urato monument.

urato_29_9342I tried to read the contents, but the surface was significantly discolored and I could not see it. Erected in Meiji 28.

urato_30_9344Then, the west part of the Urato Castle. Built on the hill at the tip of the peninsula, the Urato Castle was protected by a defensive facility in the Middle Ages, such as Horikiri, which was the only land continuation of the West. It is said that Horikiri etc. remain on this.

urato_31_9345It seems to be maintained as a hiking course which overlooks Katsura Beach.

urato_32_9347To the ground where it was cut before long.

urato_33_9348To the observatory. A place called the bottom of the three.

urato_34_9349View of Katsura Beach overlooking the observatory. Although it is the statue of Ryoma Sakamoto, it has nothing to do with the castle, so I did not go to see it this time.

> > To the Urato Castle [2/2] . < <

Date of Visit: May, 2017
Photographic equipment: FUJIFILM X-T10 + XF14mm
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