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Usuki Castle [1/4] The castle of the whole island fortress built by Otomo Sorin.

Usuki Castle [1/4] The castle of the whole island fortress built by Otomo Sorin.

Usuki Castle is a “castle of the island” which was greatly renovated in the modern castle of the total Ishigaki building by Mr. Taichi who entered after Mr. Otomo and Mr. Ootomo who entered the Tanko Island Castle built by Otomo Sorin in the Sennyu Uma Island in the Sengoku period Usuki Bay. The surrounding sea is reclaimed now, and it is a state of Koyama. It was a huge castle with a large number of splitting hairs turrets with triple tower, but the buildings were almost removed by the decree of the Meiji period. Currently, two buildings of the Tatami tower and the Usui Saryuu Tora-Guchi Kadowaki Tower were restored. Otomo Sorin era, the Shimadzu army that has been attacked [Franki cannon] [country breaker] is famous for repulsed by making full use of artillery.

Basic Data >
Name: Usuki Castle (Wikipedia)
● Location: Usuki City, Oita Prefecture ( map )
● Lord: Sorin Otomo/Ichikichi Ohta/Sadadori Inaba
-Castle: 1562/1597/1600
-Remains: Tatami tower, Usui Saryuu Toraguchi Kadowaki Tower, Ishigaki, Kubori
● Information: Japan Hyakuna Castle No.193 ( list )

Date of Visit: January, 2017
Visit to Usuki Castle- One , two , three , four .

Visit >

usuki_01_2701In the past, the castle, which was built on an island in Usuki Bay, is now completely reclaimed and has become a castle built on the “City Mound”. This is the connection point side with the Kyushu mainland which was built in the west of the castle before. It is said that the reclamation land was reclaimed castle town by the large former Sorin. The North and south and east Side were the seas.

usuki_02_2708The front view of the tower gate is a restored two-round giant gate, Daimon Tower. The double tower on the right is an existing tatami tower. The soil wall is restored, too.

usuki_03_2716From the front. This is a major opening, and the left and right of the old bridge are watermoat. The left side of the bridge used the bedrock of the island, and on the right side stood a flat tower.

usuki_04_2916The castle ruins monument in front of Furuhashi.

usuki_05_2721Space made to jump out into the moat. I can see bedrock in front of my eyes. A few explanatory boards are installed on the left side of this photograph.

usuki_06_2722-2The history material of Usuki Castle. In the early Edo period (Kan’ei period, 1628), Mid-Edo (Genroku period, 1676-1689), the old drawings were drawn in the three periods of the Bakumatsu (1862). Compared to the picture on the left, the sand bar on the right side of the Tanko Island with the castle is larger and development is progressing.

usuki_07_2722Castle Usuki was drawn up in the early Edo period. Up north. It is completely sea except the West, and it is only connected by two thin bridges in the west side. At present, the part other than the Usuki River in the upper left is reclaimed almost completely and is land.

usuki_08_2723Usuki Castle ruins explanation board.

usuki_09_2724Uchibori and Furuhashi from around where there is an explanatory board. There is the duck’s house.

usuki_10_2729Let’s go up to the castle. The gates of the former gate stand, and a big stone lantern is installed in the foreground.

usuki_11_2731It enters and the stone wall on the right is former flat tower mark. The ruins of Furuhashi Gate tower and the stone monument are erected. The cornerstone of Furuhashi Gate is left in front.

usuki_12_2732Beyond the old bridge gate to the back. A high stone wall rises to the front, and it is a structure that it is made to go around in the top. The-Hyochu, which stands at the lower left, is written as “stirrups Saka (Stirrup)”.

usuki_13_2733Usuki Castle ruins explanation board. Drawing (now in the lower right) and the drawing on the Notice the difference in the appearance of the red is Usuki Castle ruins).

usuki_15_2735It goes up as the road “Stirrups aka” where the rock was hollowed up in this way to the castle. It is a fortress of the sea exactly.

usuki_16_2740It is a place with a view of the rocky winding stirrups slope and the towering tower in the back. Classic photo spot. The other side of the tower Gate falls into the second round.

usuki_17_2741The stirrups slope surrounded by the bedrock of the impression like the castle of Satsuma Silas Plateau (reference Chiran Castle ) of Kamakura.

usuki_18_2742It went up to the top. Here is the passage to the side of the second round, the narrow band (on the Left stone wall). It is said that there was a huge tower gate in this thrust before. Is this part of stirrups slope still?

usuki_19_2743It is a long stone wall of the obi Melody when seeing back. The shape is arranged somewhat and it is piled up without a gap with the Bisiri. Implantation the affix?

usuki_20_2744Now, the stone Torii stands in the place where the gate was once. It is hard to understand at this angle, but it is a masugata toraguchi here.

usuki_21_2746Masugata Toraguchi located at the place where you enter the band of the upper rung. It is said that it was built in Mr. Inaba period. The stone wall is also neatly cut into cutting. The stone monument standing in front of the stone wall is written as “Nakamon Tower Ruins” (not visible in the photo because it is black and wet in the rain). The front is an existing tatami tower. Whether the tatami mats were laid or honmaru from the direction of Tatsumi (Tatsumi), the origin of the naming was unclear.

usuki_22_2749I can see the high stone wall of the two circles in the back.

usuki_23_2751From this angle you can see the Masugata-ish cornerstone column. I wonder if the tower gate was built in such a way that it rode on the stone wall on the right.

usuki_24_2750Stone monument and cornerstone of the Central gate Tower.

usuki_25_2752From the front of the existing tatami tower. The tower of Usuki Castle seems to have been a style of so-called “splitting hairs tower” that the second floor and the first floor are the same size overall like this.

usuki_26_2755On the stone wall on the left side of the Tatami tower, there was a two-layer well Tower Tower (tower) to protect the second round.

usuki_27_2753And, the entrance of the second round, a huge tower gate. Daimon Tower is the leading gate of Nimaru.

usuki_28_2761Daimon Tower. Huge and respectable. It might have been connected with a soil wall or a tammon tower on the stone wall of the left and right. This is the restoration of Showa. The existing is only two buildings of the Tatami tower which I saw a while ago and the Usui saryuu tora mouth Kadowaki Tower of the double layer erected in the interior of the Honmaru.

usuki_29_2757Obi-wheel explanation board. It is said that it was a route which went up from the side of the empty moat where there was no Daimon tower in Usuki Castle which Sorin Otomo, and it progressed to the east side of the Honmaru straight the belt tune ring to enter the Honmaru. It is said that “now Hashiguchi” which rises from three to the north in the age of Mr. Inaba is newly built and there was built the central gate, the Nakanocho gate, and the past road (Furuhashi-Guchi).

usuki_30_2760On a small pillar in the castle, the name of Mr. Inaba, who was remodeled in his current appearance, is named Zulari. He worked for Lord in the 15th and 270 years through the Edo period. The family crest is the one that “three” is drawn in the octagonal form called “three characters in the folding”.

usuki_31_2762It looks back at the climbing road which had climbed a while ago from Obi tune Ring.

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Date of Visit: January, 2017
Photographic equipment: FUJIFILM X-T10 + XF14mm
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