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A little extravagant sukiyaki lunch is wonderful @ 12 dan House Hanami Koji shop Kyoto Kawaramachi, Gion

A little extravagant sukiyaki lunch is wonderful @ 12 dan House Hanami Koji shop Kyoto Kawaramachi, Gion

This is a very bulky star.
It is likely to become a rustling dried fish in winter and rustling summer.
Choi one more blog, and it’s good
It is noisily in both public and private. What’s the matter?
There’s a lot of delicious stuff left, though.

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I had a chance to come to Kyoto.

Twelve-tiered House

I wanted to come from the front.

It is said that it is the birthplace of Shabu.

It seems that the shabu is being said to have started here.

The first name is Kabuki Chushingura

Juichi the Chushingura of the programme, tourists will see the theater at the south

It seems that the Juji is being put here.

There are too many people in Kyoto to travel abroad.

I feel different from Osaka Minami

But the impression that Asian people are more


If I had a procession or something

Okay did


At the head office, the menu is a little bit over

Was the head office better?

The atmosphere is important, W

What do you think about Sukiyaki Bento?

I’ll check it out next time.

The characters are Western-style while the sign is a stylish sum that is easy to understand for foreign people



I decided it to a sukiyaki set meal.

I’ve seen your brother’s blogger. Peace of Mind

Come in and go to the parlor

There is also a table. The atmosphere of the Japanese like Kyoto does not accumulate.

The rice is cooked in this way.

This is a sense of security from the beginning

I’m fascinated by the hospitality that is warm somehow


A safe place for visitors from abroad

To the parlor of feeling Yes

Your neighbor is a family of celebrities.

The aura of dignity was terrible w

Main Sukiyaki

It’s too much to be perfect.

This is where the rice goes.

Hey, dude.


Stock Rolls

The seasoning of the soup is exquisite.

What’s this? That’s the story.


It is dangerous even with the soup and the rice


What a delicious meal!

I’m not a food eater.

The taste of the rice is unbearable.


Of course, the miso soup is delicious.

For Japanese, the stock is important.


Now back to the meat again

Sukiyaki W


It’s so big!

Good meat

This luxury is only a trip W

Delicious too. Of course, I also have a beer w

Even while I was relying on rice and beer

The strongest shove a cow.

Well, I want to rely on anything but the strongest www


You have pickles.

I didn’t expect anything from this pickle.

It was completely defeated.

Equivalent delicious Kyoto pickles

I’m surprised that pickles… everything is delicious.

Plenty of flavor

I think this is cheap.

It is a blogger of Amagasaki Setouchi.



Delicious Shops

Because it is the shop which is said that the truth originated in Shabu.

It’s the first choice.

I love the Dashi and Sukiyaki.

The shop of the recommendation is no mistake

Oh, I think, Kyoto.

That’s right. Japanese go to Kyoto…..

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2016 9/18/19 Hanshin Amagasaki ekimae Ekimae Chuo Park
We participate as an executive committee member of the Amagasaki revitalization event centering on food.
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 Eating blog ranking にほんブログ村 グルメブログ 関西食べ歩きへ    in Japan blog Village Kansai    

The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.

Address 570-128 Minami, Gion-machi, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto
Closed on Thursdays (open on holidays)

Phone number 075-561-1655
Business hours 11:30 ~ 14:00 (L.O) 17:00 ~ 20:30 (L.O)

Map Https://
Parking lot

Home Page
Eating log 12- dan House Hanami koji shop ( tendon , Tenju /gion Shijo station , Kawaramachi station , Sanjo Keihan station )





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