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A nice little revolving sushi @ Amagasaki-shi-Marutoku (maruku) Chikamatsu store JR Amagasaki Station about 20 minutes walk

A nice little revolving sushi @ Amagasaki-shi-Marutoku (maruku) Chikamatsu store JR Amagasaki Station about 20 minutes walk

The sweat that had caught a cold after a long time
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  にほんブログ村 グルメブログ 関西食べ歩きへ

I’ve always wanted to come. Revolving Sushi

Rotating Sushi in Amagasaki

But in a place where I have to go by car from home

There are three stores.

The location of the hotel is great.

I decided not to drink lunch today when I said I was driving.

I think it’s a miracle.


It is popular from noon.

I waited a little.

The tablet that entered the eye when I sit in the seat!

I can order it now!


It’s nice to have another dish to put the soy sauce in.

It was unpleasant that I always put it as it is.

A shop of the type that changes the price in the color of the dish instead of all the uniform rotation sushi

It seems to be understood 130, 195, 281, 411 yen.

I used to do a small shop in Amagasaki when I said Marutoku, or do a takeaway specialty.

I wonder if there is a sushi shop or a noodle shop with the head office in the three large revolving sushi restaurants now

Now, I can operate it with rust and the punching rice when I ask it by a touch panel! I’m happy.

This tuna red meat came. Rusty

It’s delicious.

How much is the color of this dish?

281 Yen Dish W

A delicious trap from noon to luxury

It’s not even a drink, it’s a monster.



This is also a shame. The color of the dish 2



This is the first time I’ve asked.

It’s pretty good.

The color of a dish that suits 130 yen

At the roasted rock salt and lemon!

The color of the dish which becomes 130 yen


Because Tuna was delicious

What is it, a red warship tuna? This is a plate of 195 yen.


Fried oysters and other dishes

I am glad that there is also a cooking platter or boiled.

I want to swallow absolutely

It’s also a shame. Three of the haunted dishes

Iron Fire Roll

Another shame. Ghost Dish 4


But it’s delicious.

I can’t stand it.

Please don’t look inside your purse.

I think I’m scared.

It’s the best luxury I’ve got.

It’s going to be the next store.




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Food Festival nun Blooms 2016
(Home page
9/18, 19, 2016Held at Hanshin Amagasaki Ekimae-Ekimae Central Park
We participate as an executive committee member of the Amagasaki revitalization event centering on food.
Please be sure to open the schedule.

Please send me a direct message to the following mail to a delicious information etc. Beatandfeeling ★
* Replace ★ with @.
Note: When there is not a reply too much, it is possible to enter the Junk Mail folder,
I would appreciate it if you could offer me an email to comment orchid.

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The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.

Name of the restaurant (Marutoku)
Address 2-1-15 Shimosaka, Amagasaki, Hyogo
Phone number 06-6497-0057
Business hours 11:30 ~ 22:00 (L.O.21:30)
Open all year round (except on January 1 and 2)
22 Parking spaces
Gurunavi: Top |Http://
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