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Authentic Italian reward dinner at Listrante Birch @ Osaka Shinsaibashi

Authentic Italian reward dinner at Listrante Birch @ Osaka Shinsaibashi

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Yeah, I’m going to eat.

Viewing the Internet

I want to eat a delicious Italian.

I went to a lot of Italian recently.

I was wholly…..

So, uh, I wanted to go.



The name of Birch is Italy word, and kiss means.

Someone to hear it, I could not react www

The manager’s sommelier and the chef are both from the Colosseum in Minami Senba.


Great location



I was fascinated when I entered the store

~ ~ ~ ~

Is it okay if I come to a place with this stuff? It is feeling.

There is a private room on the second floor, and the shop is perfect for a moist date

Talk to a non-marginal story and a neighbor

Today, I’m drinking in a bowl.



I’ll take the red.

I’ll leave it to the manager sommelier.


I’d like a heavy wine from the start.

The fragrance is very delicious.

Blow of heavy

Elegant Berry Scent

The bitterness of tannin is soft.


Next to you.

Filipetti Vinospmante Pinot Chardonnay Brut 

I don’t know how to taste it.

It must be delicious from this sommelier.


Foie gras mousse served with roasted duck

Sweetness that seems to be able to taste dessert of rich foie gras

It’s going to fit anything.

For sweets or cooking

Is it okay to eat such delicious foods? I think


Italian and very beautiful.

I feel like I’m in art.

Girls are fascinated W


Carpaccio of cold yellowtail with Oshetrato caviar

The painting I fell in love with

This art is dangerous.

I don’t want to break it.

Drink this look

The beauty of not wanting to eat

Caviar is so delicious.

I never ate only the salty crumb of caviar.

I was mesmerized by the caviar that the taste is not so salty

Synergistic effect in fusion with the fat of the cold yellowtail

It is a accumulate.


Casale del Giglio

The next one.

I don’t know the taste.




Charcoal Chiyamu

It’s like a caviar color.


This is a great upscale stuff called Lingotto.

It’s too much to say

Peperoncino Tuna and caviar in the Shimanto River

This is what I tasted.

Tuna Calsumi-Boctalga di Tonno

They have a taste

It’s too much to be a pity


The smell of tuna is a little weak, and there are people, but on the contrary

It is unbearable for a loved one.

I love high-class sharks.


Oh, my gosh.


It’s simple.

The taste is great.

The crow of tuna and the caviar is going.

There is a seaweed scent, but there is no enemy.


Next, the spaghetti of the crab with the next door.


I like crabs…

It’s funny you didn’t eat.


It seems to be a popular menu of this shop.

This is a good place to eat.

I didn’t eat it, but W

Crab or in

Yappa Crab W

I’m sorry I asked you to take a quick look at the menu.


While being comforted by a gorgeous owl


Settle down with bread

You can enjoy it with olive oil and butter.

It will take out both.

Pretty Tasty Butter unbearable

But the oil is pretty good too.

It seems to be full of tummy at night www


Aqua Pazza of Mana Bonito

And it seems to me that it separates



Mr. ShrimpIMG_1365_01[1]

Mr. Shellfish

It looks pretty yummy.

The sommelier will separate you.

Are you guys dating around?

Do I have a date? W Sweat

Not too dark.

I like cooking that emphasizes taste.

Not too much soup stock, emphasis on taste

Let’s soak this bucket and eat it well.


Kobe Beef Loin Tagliata

The vegetable like Chinese mizuna called Kousai Thailand (red vegetables moss) colors around

It’s not a gathering.

I don’t know how to look at it.


Red wine Merlot Salt

Two types of white truffle salt

Enjoy in

The taste of white truffle salt is amazing.



This Kobe cow is amazing.

Best or

In the Pee

One piece at a time

I’ll be satisfied with it taste

It’s fat, but not meat.

It’s too much to say


A wine drinker

The sky is delicious

The sommelier’s sense


The red salt is delicious.

The red or the first

The shop where the salt is delicious is relieved.

W from the salt gap

I’m a belly full of vulgar.

I have a stomach. It was a feast.

At last I thought it was a dessert icoca, but it seems impossible www

Get a drink called service

Good taste

Alan Cello (60 degrees orange homemade liquor)

It’s pretty thick but easy to drink


This is too good to be true.

I like this kind of sake.

The last time I was in the world

Delicious too much cooking

Too extravagant to cook

A space too fashionable

Polite customer Service

I wonder if this is a first-class

It’s delicious.

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9/18, 19, 2016Held at Hanshin Amagasaki Ekimae-Ekimae Central Park
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 Eating blog ranking にほんブログ村 グルメブログ 関西食べ歩きへ    in Japan blog Village Kansai    

The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.

NameRISTORANTE Baci(Ristorante Birch)

Address 2-8-7 takarn-street 1f6, Higashi-Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku , Osaka, Japan 

Phone number 06-6212-2345
Business hours: 17:00 ~ 3:00 next day
Closed on holidays

Parking lot
Eating log RISTORANTE Baci ( Italian /Shinsaibashi station , Nagahoribashi station , Nihonbashi station )


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