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Dumplings Pine

Dumplings Pine


Do you mind if I say I’m a regular? lol? I went to dumplings bar “dumplings pine” ◎

It is a favorite shop in a mess ♪


There are only eight counter seats in the shop.

It is a popular shop which is not put on the weekend ◎

Here is the menu.

There are a variety of dumplings!

This is the only “bar”, so there is no rice. Sorry

It is a dumpling as a knob.

First, I ordered a beer.

Draft beer (500 yen)

The bubble feels good.

Now, shall we have dumplings?

Baked dumplings + manju (forgotten Price laughs)

This is a special set menu of the autumn Fest period which had been held in autumn this year (1 piece of grilled dumplings is 500 yen).

Be careful because you are not doing now!!

Because it is a photograph when having gone considerably before… Lol.

By the way, you can choose grilled dumplings with garlic and no garlic.

The detailed consideration is glad.

I asked to enter garlic, but it was quite tasty and garlic worked.

The skin is thin and it is a light texture.

The rice bun is piping hot mochi. Juicy ◎

Beer forward.

Water dumplings (600 yen)

The water dumplings are also delicious.

Let’s go in.

Italian dumplings (600 yen)

I love this.

Dumplings like pizza. Totoya


This shop has a very good atmosphere, and the store manager and the visitor are all excellent.

One of the women is often seen.

By the way, the weekend haunt rate is higher lol.

Also with the line.


Dumplings Pine

● Address

Hokkaido 5-7-1 Minami-Shijo Nishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo 1st Hidetaka Bldg. 1f
Business Hours

19:00-Next 2:00 (L.O. next day 1:30)

● Telephone


● Regular holiday

Sunday, national holidays, 1st third Monday


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