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Electric Cafeteria

Electric Cafeteria


A strange dining room in Maruyama? I went to the electric cafeteria.

I do not know whether it is a genre of Japanese food, but it is a restaurant that can drink sake.

The shop is careful because it is difficult to found ◎


I have been to visit several times, this shop is very unique. It is also transmitted from the store name, lol?

First, enter. It is guided to a small rise.

The interior is really retro. There is such a lamp on the table.


Are you the owner and the wife? It seems to be household by two women.

I’m going to pick up the order, so here’s the order.

I ask for a drink first, but the price is cheap overall ♪

If it was sour, it was 200 yen. The memory is ambiguous, but… Lol.

The owner was very nice and helpful. A word of “lol.

The owner responds to me when I say that I don’t need a drink. LOL for your enjoyment.

And, because this shop is only a dining room, it seems to have to ask for food.

When you look at the menu, there is a lot of things you want to eat. What’s going to come out lol?

The menu has been pasted on the wall, and this is….


Do you see it? It’s like curry soup, but it’s just a description…

It says “It is very fortunate” lol. It’s a very spicy mistake, isn’t it?

I really don’t get tired of various things ◎

, The one that I ordered this time is the following two products + α.

Sorry for the picture dark….

Super Fine bacon Steak (680 yen)

Was it about 20cm in length? It is the size with the eating response.

It was soft and the sweetness of the fat was delicious ♪

Cheese Hamburger in the Meiji era (500 yen, with rice)

It’s dark and it looks lol.

It is the name of hamburger, but it is fried in clothes, and it is a menchi cutlet.

The cheese came out of the Toro and it was delicious! No!

It is a strange shop, but it is a pleasant service with very good owners of people. Recommended.

The price is cheap, and it is interesting because there are a lot of oddities!

Also with the line.


Electric Cafeteria

● Address

Hokkaido 23-1-38 Minami-Shijo Nishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
Business Hours
18:00 ~ Next 1:00

● Telephone


● Regular holiday

Tuesdays and irregular holidays


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