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Full Strhara Ruins [1/2] to the stone base that remains in the hill in the southern part of Ishigaki Island.

Full Strhara Ruins [1/2] to the stone base that remains in the hill in the southern part of Ishigaki Island.

The full Strhara Ruins (Funot home) are located on a mound in the southern part of Ishigaki Island. It is said that it is built to separate the stone wall in a small scale, and it is called the house ruins of the wealthy tribe, and there is a theory that in the house mark of Eijie “Oyakeaka Kahachi” of Ishigaki Island, too. As a result of the excavation, it is thought that the ruins had survived about 100 years before and after the late 15th century when Oyakeaka Kahachi from excavated goods etc. were active. The old Ishigaki Airport is just around the corner, and many of the stone bases have been taken away for repairs during the war, and the stone walls currently seen are due to the restoration of Heisei.

Basic Data >
● Name: Full Strhara Ruins (Wikipedia)
● Location: Ishigaki-shi, Okinawa ( map )
● Castle: Late 14th century?
-Remains: Stone base ruins (restoration)

Visit >

To “full Strhara ruins” in the south of Ishigaki Island. I got on the bus and got off at Ohama, and GoogleMap to the entrance of the ruins of the historic site.

Entrance to the ruins of the full Strhara. The ruins are long north and south and have entrances to the northern and southern end. This is the south end. Because there is no place to park the car, it seems better to go to the north end side in the case of a car. The hotel was very close to the bus stop.

The surrounding map was hung at the entrance. The left is north. The place where it is now is the entrance entrance, and the entrance of the historic site becomes both ends of the green Line. Exit the ruins from the right (south end) and go out to the left (north end).

Once you enter the historic area, you can see all the rocky rocks that are same Swiss cheese. The island has a large number of Ryukyu limestone (coral carcasses), and since it is easy to process them softly, the Ishigaki culture has developed in the Ryukyu Islands far before the stone wall develops in Japan.

If you follow the road and turn right at the corner of the White House, you should go straight ahead to the Green Line (the entrance of the historic site). The factory called Air Techno service is a landmark.

It goes out to the field when exceeding the factory. The road which carried out between the fields to the historic site is advanced. The entrance of the forest is a landmark.

When the break of the forest is entered, the inside of the forest is opened, and the wall of the Ishigaki suddenly appears! It takes about 20 minutes on foot from Ohama bus stop.

Like the GSK of Okinawa main island, it piled up the stone with a lumpy hole as it is (field area) Okinawa peculiar stone wall, or rather a rock base. Ryukyu Limestone.

Since the stone base is not so high, I take a peek inside the stretch. It looks like it’s built around the mansion.

The full Strhara ruins are on the mound, but the view is not good because the surrounding area is covered with trees. There was only some gaps, so I looked at the view. The bottom is a cliff, and the rope is stretched so as not to fall.

The stone group which continues to the far back. Each is not connected, and it is made to be enclosed by each mansion. The impression that the lawn has been laid and is maintained. Let’s look in order from the front.

The first stone base on the south side is looked. Restored in FY 1999.

When you look inside, you can see that it is raised higher. I wonder if the mansion was built in this. The ground was exposed to the same stone (Ryukyu Limestone) as the stone wall (the mountain itself might be bedrock) I did not know if there is a cornerstone.

Another one to the next stone base. There is a cut, and it is a katsumodus aspect. The inside of this place is a lawn.

The first entrance with the Katsumodus.

The neighbor is a stone base No. 2. Also restored in fiscal year 2000.

Then, to the third stone base. Reconstruction in FY 2001.

Outline of the “Fullstrhara ruins” of the explanation board which was near the third stone base. It is that the element as the village rather than the castle (GSK) is strong because the weapon has not been excavated and only the life goods came out. Of the 15 stone bases, it seems that 7 of 1-5 and 10 and 15 are now being restored. It is restored at the height which is in the memory of the old age, and it is pleasing what. Moreover, this explanation board is a simple one just to put the printed paper in the panel and is multiplied by the clip, it is easy to understand the content easily readable in the color that has been installed everywhere, it is a COSPA preeminent explanation board. I am concerned that the deterioration seems to be early in the rain.

Easy-to-understand location map. It is in front of the stone base which is written “No. 3” from the right (south end). It seems that 10 and 15 are on the other side of the road, and only the fifth is a little far away. If you look at this map, the east side of the remains (the upper direction of the figure) is almost vertical slope, but the west side (downward of the figure) can be seen gradual. However, the scene was a forest, and it was a difficult atmosphere to walk out to the west side. Let’s go north along the Blue Line.

The road in the middle of the ruins which was drawn in the Blue Line. There is a stone base on the left and right of this road. There are no. 1, No. 4, No. 10, and No. 15 in the forest, and only 5 is in the forest.

Let’s go into the third stone base. It’s a pretty thin doorway. Was there a kido set up here at that time?

The view from the narrow entrance of the third stone base. Unlike the previous stone base, it is understood that the stone base constitutes the road of the disagreement like the tiger mouth. There was also a large number of people who lived in the area.

To the part which becomes a discrepancy in the third stone base. There is also a step. I wonder if there was a gate.

The part where the stone base is swirling. The stone base that has been restored is quite low, but in this you can see the inside, but it was originally higher.

Because the stone base is low, it looks like the road of the stone.

No. 1 stone base and 2 stone base from the third stone base.

No. 3 Uzumaki Stone Base and the fourth stone base that looks at the back.

I took a picture with a depth feeling with a super wide angle lens, no. 1 and No. 2 view from Issue 3.

This is the third number of the super wide lens.

No. 3 Uzumaki stone Base Change the angle slightly. Very impressive. If it is fine weather, I feel better! Sorry.

The entrance part of the number 3 Uzumaki Ishigaki. There was a gate, and it is understood that it is a little excitement.

I went to the fourth stone base next to you. Share the wall with No. 3. It was restored in FY 2008. The color of the stone base is a little thin compared with up to No. 3.

There is a part which seems to be a mark of the stone base in the place where a large mouth was opened to the fourth stone base. There is only a narrow entrance like the original trick, and this might have been a wall around here, but it has not been restored only here for some reason.

There was an explanatory board around the north end of the fourth stone base, but I was blown away by the wind and felt sad.

. The explanation panel is just a clip of the top two, so it feels like the wind is blowing off as soon as it blows. Please give it if you come off when you visit.

The excavated article explanation board from the ruins of full Strhara. Household items, ornaments and food residues are coming out. Not only local earthenware, but also things that came from China, Southeast Asia, Tokunoshima, etc. have been included.

In Part2, the stone base of No. 5, No. 10, No. 15, and a historical monument that is built on the outside of the ruins (under the cliff), and other prominent historical sites on Ishigaki Island.

> > Full Strhara Ruins [2/2] . < <

Date of Visit: December, 2015
Photographic equipment: FUJIFILM X-M1 + XF14mm
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