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Goody-goody Restauntt & Cafe

Restaurant & Cafe Goody-goody


I went to “Goody-goody” (Goody Goody) of the delicious and good reputation at the low price in ASO.

It was on Poroko a while ago.


The décor is American.

The clientele was a young person center. The clerk is also young.

Is this the atmosphere of the store?

I tried to take a picture of the wall because there were so many customers.


The Food menu is Loco moco, Doria, Omurice, etc.

There was a lot of side menu and sweets.

The price is the food menu 590 yen, and the side menu 290 yen and is reasonable.

I made it to the set menu that I was advantageous.

Main (Loco Moco, Doria, etc.), salad or soup, sweets, drink 990 yen.

The set menu looks like a limited time when I look at the Gurunavi later.

You can choose between the main, sweets and drinks in about ten different types.

The salad came first.

This shop is the thing that the rice is put out a lot of vegetables.

I’m happy for people who lack vegetables ◎

Followed me.

Sesame Chicken Bowl (590 yen per item)

The rice was made in ten cereal rice ♪

It has a mayonnaise sauce and plenty of vegetables.

Dessert and drink at the end.

Customized Caramease waffle (small), milk tea

This is delicious.

There is caramel sauce on the waffle, and custard cream is served.

The taste feels like pudding.

The bottom right is vanilla ice cream.

This is definitely cheaper than 1,000 yen!

I do it late at night, and I became a favorite because there is a parking lot, too ♪

Also with the line.


Restaurant & Cafe Goody-goody

● Address

Hokkaido 4-9-14 Aso-cho, Kita-ku, Sapporo Frontier ASO 4

Business Hours
Monday to Saturday
11:00 ~ the next 3:00 (L.O.)
11:00 ~ 1:30 (L.O. next 1:00)

● Telephone


● Regular holiday



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