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Handmade Soba Sakura

Handmade Soba Sakura

Theme: noodles

I went to “handmade soba Sakura” famous for its distinctive noodles.

It is a branch of Izumi Shokudo


A beautiful look.


I went on Saturday night, but the parking lot was full.

Four more cars were waiting in front of the store.

It is indeed a famous shop ◎

But the rotation was early, and it was possible to enter in about ten minutes.

There was a clean and warm wood-style interior.

It is quite wide.

Now, the menu is the most popular duck.

I was in the mood to eat vegetables, so I made a mushroom vegetable rustling soba ◎

I feel like I have a different buckwheat noodle shop but I want to eat vegetables first.

Mushroom Vegetable rustling soba (1000 yen)
Uの札幌食べ歩きブログ-さくら きのこ山菜ざるそば

Looks delicious. It is beautiful.

So, the characteristic noodles are like this.

Uの札幌食べ歩きブログ-さくら きのこ山菜ざるそば2

Haha confusing.

It is thick and uneven. It’s like a udon.


There are plenty of mushrooms and wild greens, so I’m very happy!

The throat is good, and I received it to do ◎

Or, using chopsticks with one hand, shooting with one hand is pretty hard, isn’t it?

Great Bloggers

I’ll take my family this time.

Also with the line.


Handmade Soba Sakura

● Address

Hokkaido 1-12-5 Hiraoka Park Higashi, Kiyota-ku, Sapporo

Business Hours
Monday to Friday
11:00 ~ 15:00
17:00 ~ 21:00
Saturday, Sunday, holiday
11:00 ~ 21:00

● Telephone


● Regular holiday



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