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Handmade udon Teraya

Handmade udon Teraya

Theme: noodles

It is a shop of the desire that I wanted to go forever ◎

I went to “handmade udon Teraya”.


When you go inside, the guests are packed.

It is a popular shop!

What is the characteristic of this shop oden!!

An oden pot is waiting for you in the entrance.

Let’s decide what to order while we wait.

Because it is the first time, decided to attack in the standard system ◎

In this way, it is a noodle shop, so the rotation is fast.

It is guided to the counter seat, and the order is put.

Japanese radish (160 yen), egg (120 yen)

It is a classic Moro lol.

The radish is limited to the period from September to February.

I can see the slow pace of writing a blog lol.

The daikon radish is delicious with a stain on the broth.

It is soft and boiled.

The eggs are also very good.

If you put out the broth, I melt a little yolk lol.

Chikuwa (120 yen)

Wow! That’s a big!

It is soft, but it leaves a sense of texture firmly.

It is delicious even if I attach miso.

Bukkake tempura (cold, 980 yen)

This is the main character of udon noodles.

I was hungry, I asked too much lol.

It is delicious because there is a waist in the UDON

The soup is also a good salt plum.

The tempura is a light texture, and it is a combination of udon and noodles!

All of them were delicious. I ate too much but lol.

It is very recommended.

As soon as it is sold out, it seems to close the shop and be careful.

Also with the line.


Handmade udon Teraya

● Address

Hokkaido 3jo 6-chome, Uptown, Nishi-ku, Sapporo
Business Hours

11:00 ~ 15:00 (end of sale)
17:00 ~ 20:00 (end of sale)
[Sat, Sun, holiday]
11:00 ~ 17:00 (end of sale)

● Telephone


● Regular holiday

Monday and the third Tuesday


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