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In the county Castle [1/3] the stronghold of Mr. Hinata Ito is a fortress with huge Horikiri!

In the county Castle [1/3] the stronghold of Mr. Hinata Ito is a fortress with huge Horikiri!

The castle of the county was a stronghold of Mr. Ito, a feudal daimyo who ruled Hyuga from the Muromachi period to the Warring States period. It was built by Yu Ito, who joined the district in the county area with the life of Takashi Ashikaga. It was a strong mountain fortress which made five inflection rings on the tip of the ridge surrounded by the cliff, and increased the defense power by making the road which was deep Horikiri and the maze like a labyrinth between each inflection wheel. Mr. Ito, based in this castle, expanded his power in all of Hyuga and became as much as 48 castles in its heyday. Mr. Ito’s downfall becomes the territory of Mr. Shimazu afterwards. When Mr. Ito returned to the Sun again, Obi became Honjo, and the old castle was not used much in the county castle, and it was abandoned in the age of one castle ordinance. Tensho is also famous as the birthplace of Ito Mansho, the European ambassador.

Basic Data >
● Name: Miyako-gun Castle (Wikipedia)
● Location: Nishi-Toshi, Miyazaki ( map )
● Main building: Yusuke Ito
● Castle: Shohei (1346)
-Remains: Horikiri, earth base, Melody ring

Visit >

From the explanatory board in the main enclosure of the castle ruins of the county. The city of the county castle is divided by a big Horikiri respectively of five tune groups of castle in Honmaru, the two no Maru, the Sanno Maru, and the back and the west. Currently, it is around the right end of the above figure. First of all, let’s go through the road under the two no Maru and Honmaru, and stroll by the route which goes back from there.

The starting point of the stroll, the parking lot.

It was in the parking lot, the historical site of the county ruins map. In the upper left of the current location (red part), there were five pieces of the city ruins in the county, and there were many other castles. For the convenience of time, the city visited only the castle of the county.

Mr. Ito’s Forty-eight Castle was also in the parking lot. The red convex mark in the middle is “stronghold in the county castle”. The green convex mark is the castle group. Literally, it is understood that the power was spread to all over Hyuga around the county castle in the capital.

Let’s go from the parking lot to the back and start the stroll. First of all, it heads to the back of the third no Maru though a huge tune group of Honmaru and two No Maru comes into sight in front of eyes. To the back intently.

Up the stairs at the back. This is the top of the three-no-maru.

Sanno Maru. It is located at the far end of the castle in the county, and is a curious position surrounded by cliffs.

“Sanno Maru” explanatory board. Such an explanatory board was built in each melody and the attractions. Survive. It is supposed to be a place where there was a higher tempo for sight and Castle communication.

View from the top of the Sanno Maru. It stands on a cliff, and it is understood that the view is in a good position, but the tree under the foreground is too lush, and it is regrettable that the scenery is not good.

There was a drawing “view from the castle ruins of the county” drawn on a huge tile at the step. If it does not have the tree or it builds it on this, it is a figure that such a view will be seen from above.

Let’s take a stroll on the slender Sanno Maru. I walk to the direction of the second no Maru. The explanation board is seen on the left edge.

“Melody” explanation board. Easy to understand. By the way, this tune wheel explanation board and the same one were in another place such as Honmaru.

It came to the back side of the three no Maru. It can be seen that the ground base is piled up in the place where it hits the boundary with the two no Maru (it is difficult to understand because it is made to assimilate in the photograph). Let’s go to the ground base soba.

I look at the 2-maru through the third base of the Sanno Maru. It is surprised at a huge horikiri built in the meantime. This is great! These two inflection rings were originally connected in the natural topography, and have been completely separated by digging this far.

The huge horikiri between the two-Maru and the view from the Sanno Maru. It is likely to go to the back on the other side of the second round through Horikiri (Horibottom Road). Let’s go later.

It looks through the ground base, and 2 No Maru and Daihorikiri. The front is the third base of Sanno Maru.

It is not possible to move from the Sanno Maru to the No. 2 Maru, and it is a structure which must climb respectively down every time in order to move because each each of the inflection rings is cut in the great Horikiri thus. First, we went down to the bottom of the Sanno Maru and headed to the West Castle.

The castle of the West is on this staircase.

West Castle ruins arrive. In the mountain castle in Kyushu, there are a lot of cases named “Castle” of the melody Ring. It is made to take charge of the defense to another warlords (subordinate) respectively because the tune group is independent, and it walks while it is possible to have made it to such an alias and delusion.

“West Castle ruins” explanation board. It is said that it is on the tip of the cliff, and the view is good like the Sanno Maru. AKA Scout Castle (also only).

From the castle ruins in the west, I look at the Sannomiya Maru. It is this great horikiri between the inflection wheel here.

The castle ruins in the west. In the back of the right, there seems to be a way to go back.

To the back along the road that was built along the West Castle ruins Cliff. On the inside of the iron fence on the left side, there were some facilities and it was forbidden to be.

To the back of the West ruins. Oh, this is different from the Sanno Maru and the view is good!

View from the West castle ruins. The winding condition of “three goods River” which flows in the foothills is seen well.

The direction of the second-round overlooks the West castle ruins. The small inflection wheel seen in the foreground seems to be a small tune circle which accompanies the Sanno Maru. It says in the drawing of the pamphlet at the Beginning “Melody D”.

Let’s get off the castle of the West, and stroll the Melody Group which is installed just below the castle in the west. It hits “Tune C and B” which says in the drawing of the pamphlet.

A Melody C.

It was a step up, but the melody B. This is the best place. It is well maintained so that it can stroll though there is no ruins in the ground only by the cutting level, and a good impression.

And looking back, you can see the castle ruins of the west. It seems to be able to arrive at “Castle of the West” in the forest if going straight, and it is not possible to move in the castle of the tune Wheel C, B, and west each step respectively as also in the drawing of the pamphlet because it is different each other (if there is a staircase like C → B). It is not a visit because it is like a small tune wheel made in the slope way although a tune wheel A falls under one step further of this B.

Then, in Part2, we will go through the huge horikiri and head to the second round.

> Continues to the county Castle [2/3] in >. < <

Date of Visit: September, 2015
Photographic equipment: FUJIFILM X-M1 + XF14mm
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