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I had a little time to spare for dinner.

I wanted to go to JIMMY BROWN.


The place is in the opposite of the four PLA is it good?

It must have been next to the fruit cake factory.

On the second floor of the building, we went up the stairs.

It is a stylish entrance.


When I enter the store, the lighting is dropped considerably and the atmosphere is good.

The BGM is also jazzy bossa nova? Feel settled in. I don’t know if there is any expression, lol.

It was told that it was one person, and it was guided to the seat with the partition around the back.

The service of the clerk is also good feeling.

It was Mrs Romain around 4:30, but there were about five guests.

I arrived at the seat and ordered a cappuccino ice cream.

Because the design cappuccino is famous here, what kind of picture is drawn is expected.

Cappuccino (ICE, 600 yen)
Uの札幌食べ歩きブログ-ジミーブラウン カプチーノ(ICE)

… That?

The slender kawaii came out lol.

Do you have to be hot or not?

I was so sorry lol.

But delicious salty No.

I read a magazine for about an hour.

I had a very relaxing time.

Oh, but the heating was too effective and might have been slightly hot lol.

Everyone also by all means. I recommend this place.

It is also good to go for a meal and tea with friends and a lover, of course one person.

Quick pasta for lunch is priced at 500 yen each and 10 kinds.

Now I have to meet the design cappuccino this time by asking for hot.

Also with the line.



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