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Kokichi Curry

Kokichi Curry


I went to the shop “Kokichi Curry” which just opened this year.

It is located along Route No. 36.


Bad weather… Lol.

Because the signboard is flashy, it is easy to find ◎

The interior is a very American chick.


It’s fun to put a lot on the walls and tables!

You can eat the boiled egg at the bottom right.

I forgot to take the menu, but the menu name is also thorough.

Yes, the Route 36 is a normal Lou, the line 5 is squid Sumi Lou?

There were many other salsa-like dishes.

In addition, the topping is named the mountain,

There were Mt. Moiwa and white flag.

I ordered a rocky mountain on the 36th line.

Road No. 36, Mt. Moiwa (890 yen)

It is hard to be transmitted in the photograph, but it is quite volume.

The topping of Mt. Moiwa is cutlet, sausage, boiled egg and cheese.

Cabbage is given free of charge ◎

Lou is Rich street name, I hardly feel the hotness.

Delicious ♪

As long as I look at the appearance of a rude color was the impression that the taste is authentic.

However, I felt like I ate rice with a little Lou and a few toppings.

Might want a little more.

It is the thing that the outlet mall was able to be done in Kita Hiroshima

Come on when you go there.

Also with the line.


Kokichi Curry

● Address

Hokkaido Kiyota-ku, Sapporo-shi, 2-Jo 3-chome 1-5

Business Hours
11:30 ~ 21:00

● Telephone


● Regular holiday

Wednesdays (open on public holidays)


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