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Kota Noodles

Kota Noodles


The light-based ramen continues. I went to ‘ ramen Senta ‘.

The central bus is located on the ground floor of Sapporo Bus terminal, so we will go through the dining area.


There are various restaurants in the restaurant.

The appearance is like this.


I get to the seat and look at the menu.

Let’s have the salt ramen which is listed at the beginning ◎

Because I am worried about a deadline, it is also lol.

When I look at the customers around me, I feel that there are many regulars.

The figure which is talking with the shop stands out.

Come on.

Salt ramen (650 yen)

The soup is clean and clear.

It is a old-fashioned feeling that the kamaboko is accompanied.

Sulstle, please.

The food was delicious.

And, it is a deadline, but the photograph cannot be up because it becomes an error for some reason when I took it.

So there is no photo….

Rice, seaweed, leek, char Siu, and wasabi come out on a plate.

It seems to put this in the leftover soup.

The flavor of the wasabi is suitable for soup, and it can be refreshed ◎

It is a day-only business and Sunday rest, but it is not possible to come easily,

I have to revisit because the miso ramen of limited quantity is also worrisome….

Also with the line.


Kota Noodles

● Address

Hokkaido Odori Higashi 1-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo Chuo Bus Sapporo Bus Terminal 1 basement floor
Business Hours

11:00 ~ 16:00

● Telephone


● Regular holiday



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