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Kyoto-to-be-udon Tsubaki

Kyoto-to-be-udon Tsubaki

Theme: noodles

I went to a specialty store of curry udon, “Kyoto-made-udon-Tsubaki” ◎

It is the shop that I wanted to go all the time.


The interior is natural and clean.

I sit at the counter seat.

It is a specialty shop of curry udon, but there were various menus.

It seems to be able to take a takeaway.

I ordered the Chikuni tempura curry udon, which is limited to 30 meals a day.

Because it is possible to set it at 100 yen Plus, of course, it is in the set meal ♪

Chikuni Tempura curry udon + set meal (780 yen + 100 yen)

Oh, it’s nice.

Chikuwa The presence of Heaven is amazing!!

When I make a set meal, a small dish, a plate and a pickle stick.

It’s great!

I’d like to.


First of all, the curry is hot! The cat tongue is a tough level for myself lol.

The taste is spicy in Japanese style ◎

Delicious. But, there was a smile.

It was hot and spicy, so I was sweating a sweat lol.

Udon noodles are well suited to soup with mochi.

Because it is a curry with thick, it is intertwined well.

Come on, Chikuwa is heaven, but sneaked’s a hot curry in Chikuwa’s hole.

I was not aware of it, I been in completely laugh.

But tempura is suitable for curry! Delicious!!

Is it fit because there is also eating with the curry salt?

Of course, the stir was delicious.

This shop is a note because it is business only in daytime ♪

Let’s eat the rice bowl this time.

Also with the line.


Kyoto-to-be-udon Tsubaki

● Address

Hokkaido 17-1-5 Odori Nishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo Nowham Odori Bldg. 1f
Business Hours


● Telephone


● Regular holiday



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