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Matsumasura Castle [1/3] The castle of Geoje Island built to watch the intricate bay

Matsumasura Castle [1/3] The castle of Geoje Island built to watch the intricate bay

倭城 松真浦城

It is thought that it was built for the purpose of monitoring the strait between the peninsula and the Geoje Island to defend the sea of superiority in one of WA castle built in the north end of the Big Island. Unlike the castle, which was built on the peninsula, there is no such thing as a building or climbing stone walls, and it is built in a curious position on the mountain where it can be purely overlooking the strait. The ruins of each side of the bow dojo remain.

Basic Data >
Name: Matsumasura Castle (such a dust)
● Location: Gyeongsang South Road Geoje City ( map )
-Lord: Fukushima Masanori? Yoshihiro Shimazu?
-Castle: Bunroku two years (1592)
-Remains: Ishigaki, Toraguchi
● Information: WA Castle

Date of Visit: November, 2017

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WA Castle Tour- top page .

Visit >

wajo_sonjinpo-01_7522sMatsumasura Castle is located on the hill of the archery field called “Nishiki-tei”. The building of the red roof in the right back is a management hut of the archery field. The mound which is seen in the left back is Matsushin Urura Castle.

wajo_sonjinpo-02_7314I looked up at Matsumasura Castle from the Archery field. It is about 90m altitude according to the material.

wajo_sonjinpo-03_7317There is also a small hill on the east side of the archery field, and the ruins of Matsumasura Castle remain. Let’s visit here later.

wajo_sonjinpo-04_7315The Archery field is a saddle part between both mountains. There is a possibility that it was connected originally, and it was sharpened by development. I can see the sea from here. This is the Korean peninsula where the land which looks small in the left back is on the north side. On the other side of the small Bay of Nagaki Bay, Nagato-ura-Jo is not here, but Southwest. It is not seen because it hits the other side of the mountain just from the archery field.

wajo_sonjinpo-05_7319Let’s get to the castle. First of all, it is from the West Tune group behind the archery dojo. This hut, the toilet? From the road on the slope next to the top right. There is no guide board in particular.

wajo_sonjinpo-06_7325After a while, the stone wall immediately appears. The grass is covered but relatively easy to see. The outer wall of the West song group.

wajo_sonjinpo-07_7330The impression that a comparatively large stone is piled up firmly.

wajo_sonjinpo-08_7331Gradually, the stone wall becomes high. It is regrettable that it is difficult to see the whole away because weeding etc. are not so much.

wajo_sonjinpo-09_7334This stone wall is piled up on the slope, and it seems that it built it to make the above-mentioned wheel a plane. High stone walls towering on the slopes.

wajo_sonjinpo-10_7337Came to corners. It might be crumbling, but it is a stone wall which paints an arc.

wajo_sonjinpo-11_7338The stone wall like the spine of the dinosaur.

wajo_sonjinpo-12_7339The wall of the overhanging part.

wajo_sonjinpo-13_7341The stone wall which piled up long. The impression that a complex structure like a maze is made by the stone wall in the mountain. I really don’t know where I am now while I’m walking around the site.

wajo_sonjinpo-14_7342It is walking on the outside of the outer wall. A long stone wall continues, and it does not get inside easily.

wajo_sonjinpo-15_7343There might have been a little more height at that time. If you do not go up to the tiger mouth even if you attack from this side, it would not have been attacked.

wajo_sonjinpo-16_7345sCorners came up. He is carrying a solid boulder. The impression that it is a little strange or because it piles up the boulders with a rounded corner.

wajo_sonjinpo-17_7348Corners of the outer wall. The bottom stone is a completely round stone.

wajo_sonjinpo-18_7351From a little slant. The stone wall that the foot of the corner is long, and is seen occasionally in the castle fortress, and the angle is changed and I take several pieces.

wajo_sonjinpo-19_7353From the side of the stone wall. It seems to be a structure that the tip of the foot extends long because the stone wall is built just to hang on the inclination of the slope.

wajo_sonjinpo-20_7355It entered inside from the outer wall, and the part which made the step in the stone wall. To tell the truth, it is a place where it is not understood by seeing the drawing in the locale where it is actually, and I think that it is a place where the stone wall is the main enclosure of the central part of the mountain, but it does not understand in the locale, and the place which did not understand after all even if it re

wajo_sonjinpo-21_7357After all, it goes to the melody Group built along the north coast without understanding well.

wajo_sonjinpo-22_7359The megalithic groups were on the way. The whole mountain is probably full of rocks before the castle building, and it seems that the stone wall was constructed by indexing it.

wajo_sonjinpo-23_7360Head further north from the Megalithic group. The left side is one step lower, and the stone wall is built on the side. It seems that it was built by the idea which is different from other climbing stone walls because it is assumed that it is “climb stone wall” which connects the tune Wheel group in the north and the main Guo part of a while in the material, and it is an upsurge like the passage like a tune ring on the stone wall.

wajo_sonjinpo-24_7363A part of the stone wall which is the climbing stone wall. A long stone wall connecting the north of the melody and the West.

wajo_sonjinpo-25_7365And, it arrived at the North inflection wheel. The left side and the right side are excited, and the center is lowered. It is easy to see from the other side, but this is a huge big modus-style stone steps made toward the port side of the north.

> > Matsu-Maura Castle [2/3] . < <

Date of Visit: November, 2017
Photographic equipment: FUJIFILM X-T10 + XF10-24mm
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