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Okushiba Shoten

Okushiba Shoten


I went to “Okushiba Shoten” which has a reputation to be delicious even if I ask everyone ◎

I heard that it was a very popular shop and had a long wait, so I couldn’t go there.

I was able to enter with a little wait this time. About ten minutes or less?


It is a unique appearance.

The staff was very nice and welcoming. A retro interior.

I thought that I fit the furniture well.

Old things and new things are arranged without discomfort.

The menu is also elaborate. I did not take pictures, but lol.

The clerk ordered a soft chicken and special seasonal vegetables.

I came to wait for ten minutes.

Soft chicken and special seasonal vegetables (1180 yen)

It is lassie to be reflected in the right back. Coupon is free to use.

LOL, the volume is awesome.

The sense of volume that I have eaten up to now is going to go higher.

First, the soup.

… Delicious. This is not going to get popular.


The taste of the vegetable and the material really comes out, and there is a meal response, too.

I think this price is cheap with this content ♪

After the meal, I wanted to get a bite, but I read the air early and went back to the store. Lol

The taste, the price, the atmosphere, the service which was very high level shop ◎

Also with the line.


Okushiba Shoten

● Address

Hokkaido 2-2, Minami Hachijo Nishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
Business Hours

Lunch: 11:00 ~ 16:00 (LO15:00)
Dinner: 17:30-The following day (LO23:00)

● Telephone


● Regular holiday



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