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Orchid House Honten

Orchid House Honten


The new development of the tavern, and this time we interviewed here.

I went to the house.


When I enter the store… A familiar face.

My classmates in elementary and junior high school days were working.

I was surprised and did not react in the opposite way lol.

I’ll be guided by him and get to my seat.

The atmosphere in the store feels good.

The lighting is dropped, and it is basically a private room center making.

It might be good for the girls ‘ Association and the combination.

Let’s have a drink first.

(90 minutes of free drink: 1,280 yen ※ At this time use hot pepper 980 yen)

Appetizer was a mushroom and vegetable sauce.

Cominginhand over fist’ll continue to order!!

Ramen salad (630 yen)

It is a staple in Hokkaido.

It was a pretty volume.

The hardness of the noodles is also just good and delicious.

Cheese omelet (500 yen)

I don’t like eggs and cheese.

The inside is already pulp. There was plenty of cheese.

It is also high point that the tomato sauce and white sauce are both taken ◎

Orchid House croquettes (580 yen)

It is crispy fried.

I’ll give you mayonnaise.


Kororiori Tsukune (2/420 yen)

This is a raw egg.

It neutralizes the thickness of the sauce, and it is just a good salt.

I was thinking of going home soon.


Ice service from that classmate LOL.

Cute lol.

Thank you!

The location is good and the price is reasonable, so I think it is a convenient place to shop ◎

Please come and visit us.

Also with the line.


Orchid House Honten

● Address

Hokkaido 2 Minami Sanjo-Nishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo HBC Sanjo Bldg. B1F
Business Hours

17:30 ~ 23:00

● Telephone


● Regular holiday



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