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Pastafresca LaMELA

Pastafresca LaMELA


I went to the Italian restaurant on this day. ◎ [Pastafresca LaMELA].

This blog is low italian rate lol.

Uの札幌食べ歩きブログ-Pastafresca LaMELA外観

Uの札幌食べ歩きブログ-Pastafresca LaMELA看板

I was worried about the high evaluation in the log eat ♪

It’s close to home.

The interior is a pop? It is a large store unexpectedly.

Start with a drink. Such a shop is always asked to drink at first.

I want to say that it is good with water once, haha.

Sicilian orange (525 yen)
Uの札幌食べ歩きブログ-Pastafresca LaMELAシシリアンオレンジ

Red but orange juice. Acidity is weak and sweet and delicious!

The paper under the glass
Uの札幌食べ歩きブログ-Pastafresca LaMELA紙

This is a description of the pasta.

I’m not an adult like you know.

Here comes the bread.
Uの札幌食べ歩きブログ-Pastafresca LaMELAパン

He likes a long stick in the middle. It is crunchy.

While I was biting the bread, I was trying to learn the kind of pasta I had before, and the pasta I ordered came ◎

Tagliatelle green vegetables and mozzarella with basil flavor (1260 yen)
Uの札幌食べ歩きブログ-Pastafresca LaMELA パスタ

It’s fashionable.

This is a green vegetable pasta containing string bean, okra and broccoli.

Pasta is also delicious with mochi.

There was a small amount of complaints.

It’s a be born.

But the taste was delicious!!

Also with the line.


Pastafresca LaMELA

● Address

Hokkaido Heikishi 2-Jo 5-chome, Toyohira-ku 5th Heikishi Grand Bldg. 1f
Business Hours

11:30 ~ 15:00 (L.O.14:30)
17:30 ~ 22:30 (L.O.22:00)

● Telephone


● Regular holiday



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