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Poster design and challenge Booth recruitment period Change 3/1 (Tue) ~ 6/30 (Thu) (due date corrected)

Poster design and challenge Booth recruitment period Change 3/1 (Tue) ~ 6/30 (Thu) (due date corrected)

I could not write an article on the internet almost two months after transferring the net.

It was a great time for this nun to bloom.

No, No.

Well, in the meeting last night’s nun blooms,

Picture of poster Design

Challenge Booth (Amagasaki new specialties invented by students)

It is extended for one month (until June 30) than the date of the poster.

The poster has received a cute picture, but we are still waiting for your application ^ ^

But what is it like Amagasaki full of hopes and dreams???


Elementary school students, too.

Kindergarten children don’t know much more…

I’ll be there too.

I’m in trouble…
It’s hard to think

Dad, talk to your mother! (Laughs)

For instance

I painted the city of Amagasaki, and when I went to the event I met in Amagasaki

The place where I went on the school excursion or the place of the memories of Amagasaki

I think that it is easy to write in the place where it is left in my memory.

I think that it is enough to convey it if you can write it yourself.

But what else is there?

Whoa-chan, when I think about what I’m going to draw

I like to eat and walk, so I have to eat something.

I like fishing, so I chose to go fishing in Mukogawa River.
I do not apply because it is recruiting below junior high school student,

Anyway, I’m waiting for a picture

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For the challenge booth,

More than one in each team in high school students who are thinking about the cuisine of Amagasaki new specialty,

I need one person who is over 20 years old to back up

I think there is a neck or something.

Please ask questions once and for all.

Wonderful source
-The pop of the spread
・Raw soy sauce of nun

↑ Well what do you use to make?

But… but…

Challenge Booth, this old man of the amateur was also challenged!

I think that the adult other than the professional and the housewife participated, too (tears)

Chagrin as a support team entrusted to young children,

I support it, and please lend a young power by all means ♪

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