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Sacheon Kawashiro [1/3] The historical great victory where the Shimadzu army of inferior was repulsed the Ming and the Korean Union Army.

Sacheon Kawashiro [1/3] The historical great victory where the Shimadzu army of inferior was repulsed the Ming and the Korean Union Army.

倭城 泗川城
Sacheon Kawashiro (Shijojo) was a castle that played a defensive line that was expanded to the west by the role of Keicho, and a small number of shimadzu troops led by Shimadzu Yoshihiro became the stage of the Battle of Sacheon River, which repulsed the armies of Ming and Korea. In the role of the Bunroku, there was the Battle of Sacheon River which great victory the Yi Sun of the Korean navy led in Sacheon River Bay. It is built on a hill protruding into the bay and is divided by a huge double horikiri on the land side. It seems that the stone wall of the Keicho period had been left before, but it seems to have created a beautiful stone wall completely different from the original figure in the park of the region. There are other buildings in the castle, such as the Castle Gate and the monument to commemorate the victory of the naval battle.

Basic Data >
● Name: Sacheon Kawashiro (Sacheon-Funatsu Satashiro)
● Location: Sacheon Kawa-shi, Gyeongsang-nan ( map )
-Lord: Yoshihiro Shimazu
● Castle: Keicho two years (1597)
-Remains: Tower units, Ishigaki, Toraguchi, Sorabori
● Information: WA Castle

Date of Visit: November, 2018
Visit to Sacheon Kawashiro-the one , two , three .

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Visit >

wajo_shisen_01_5429The Sacheon River ruins are “Funatsu Park”. A big parking lot in front of the eye. On the back hill is the castle ruins.

wajo_shisen_02_5241In addition to the restroom, a huge stone monument and an explanation board are built in the parking lot. First of all, let’s go to the castle. The alias is “Funatsu Castle”.

wajo_shisen_03_5242An explanatory board set on the side of a stone monument. There are two, but it is only a multi-lingual.

wajo_shisen_03a_5245.jpgJapanese Description Board. “Sacheon Kawamura” is the Sacheon River Castle (the Korean dynasty’s office, Sacheon Kawamura Castle). In the latter half of the Keicho, the Ming and the Korean coalition forces are in the three-castle simultaneous attack strategy of the Sacheon River and Ulsan. Sacheon Kawashiro was flooded with tens of thousands of Ming and Korean troops, but a small number of shimadzu troops put their backs on the castle, and the destruction of the enemy food storage and explosives, such as a surprise attack and the ambush, and it is transmitted to win a big victory. However, Hideyoshi had already passed away at that time. The story is not written on the explanation board on the Korea side at all.

wajo_shisen_04_5243There are three historical monuments. Because the right is written in Hangul, Korea a stone monument. The left two are only kanji, Japan age? Both are written as “Sacheon Gawa Funatsu Castle”.

wajo_shisen_05_5247Rise on the hill. It has been made into a park with concrete, and the structure at that time is not understood well any longer. It goes up from the slope beside the explanation board for the time being.

wajo_shisen_06_5249When I went up the hill, I could see some buildings on the wall.

wajo_shisen_07_5250Stone walls are stacked in a horizontal shape with a joint. It was not natural at the time of the Keicho, and the remainder situation was not good, but it seems to have been “newly built” when here was made a park around 2008.

wajo_shisen_08_5252Walking through the WA Castle ” is the only story in the history of the castle, and there is little mention of the structure as in the other castle testimonials. Is it because the stone walls and structures found in this castle are different from those at that time?

wajo_shisen_10_5256It is a mechanism that the stone wall hangs partially, and the horizontal arrows hang. Even if the appearance of the stone wall is different, I want to think the line as it is, but play.

wajo_shisen_11_5259The hill is built a lot of flat ground, and the wall of the stone walls is built at the top.

wajo_shisen_12_5262There was a place in the stone wall where the slope of the concrete was thrown out by a part greatly opening. Was there a tiger mouth here at that time? No marks or signs of the cornerstone of the temple.

wajo_shisen_14_5267The edge of the stone wall was in a state like undeveloped. The stone wall has become the shape which remains collapsed, and there is an atmosphere made to think that the hit is real, and, then, it plays.

wajo_shisen_15_5269Then, go up to the top of the tiger mouth. In addition, a low stone wall was built.

wajo_shisen_16_5270If you look closely, you can see the cornerstone row in front of the Ishigaki line. Is it a cornerstone group of the Tammon tower? I do not know whether the remains, but I do not want to build such a column purposely in the case of restoration.

wajo_shisen_17_5272The upper part of the stone wall is also bent. In November, when you visit, you can see the stone wall as a dead tree, but if you come to spring, you will not see the stone walls at all if the cherry blossoms are planted.

wajo_shisen_18_5273When I look at my feet, the stone lines of the previous line have been going on. It is sometimes bent.

wajo_shisen_19_5274When I looked into the last minute, the stone wall was pasted on the lower stage. The stone wall was the atmosphere which collapsed in the middle, and it seems that the interior still continued thus. Is this all newly built?

wajo_shisen_20_5285Let’s head to the back along the top of the stone wall. The surrounding area has been laid down to the pavement.

wajo_shisen_21_5289A long stone wall built on the slope.

wajo_shisen_22_5293When the bottom of the slope was seen a little, the level of the cutting ground was built here, too.

wajo_shisen_23_5297There was a tower stand when going to the innermost side along the stone wall. Cenotaph is being built on top of the tower.

wajo_shisen_24_5300To tower units. When you look at the site ” Castle Cyber Diary ” of Kenji Horiguchi, the tower stand stone wall before the maintenance is not so beautiful, it seems to have been a lot of field piling up a large boulder to be seen also in other WA ruins. How did this happen?

wajo_shisen_25_5302Tower The top has become a bunk structure, seems, but do not know how far true.

wajo_shisen_26_5303Came up to the edge. It is piled up to corners and neatly. Everything was newly built about ten years ago, and there is not much meaning in the details.

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Date of Visit: November, 2018
Photographic equipment: FUJIFILM X-T10 + XF10-24mm
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