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Smoked WA taste

Smoked WA taste


I went to the main shop of smoked food [smoked wa taste] ◎


It was the seventh floor of the building, but when I got off the elevator, it was in the shop immediately.

It’s a stylish and restless feeling.

The smell of smoked is amazing.

This is a part of the menu.



Of course, I will order the smoked food Center.

… But before that beer lol.

Asahi Super Dry (480 yen)

Because I asked about eight people, I ordered a lot, but I introduce a part of it.

Edamame (420 yen)

It is smoked and it takes lol. The taste is deeply ingrained and delicious!

Beer goes on!

Homemade (420 yen)

It is smoked of Sawan. Actually, I ate it for the first time lol.

LOL beer goes forward.

Assorted smoked three-point today (1300 yen)

Chicken wings and eggs… What is it, lol? All of them are delicious.

Beer… Lol.

Beef Toro Rice Bowl (1380 yen)

The end is a rice dish.

The oil of the beef toro melts in the mouth ◎ delicious.

Every dish is going to drink.

Everyone in the whole country, this shop is a check is necessary!

It is also a good way for bloggers to go to the street.

Also with the line.


Smoked WA taste

● Address

Hokkaido Minami 5-Jo Nishi 3-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo New Blue Nile Building 7f
Business Hours

Mon-Thu 18:00 ~ Next 3:00 (Last order: 2:30 next)
Fri., Sat. 18:00 ~ Next 5:00 (last order 4:30 next)

● Telephone


● Regular holiday



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