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Soup & Roux Curry Specialty Shop Curry Farm

Soup & Roux Curry Specialty Shop Curry Farm


I went to the Indian restaurant Curry Farm which opened in March this year.

The place is located near the north of the soup curry battleground.

Uの札幌食べ歩きブログ-カリーファーム 看板

There are several parking spaces available.

Inside, it is a beautiful and stylish interior lined with natural grain.

The clerk greeted me with a smile ♪

The menu is here.




The store that has both soup and Lou is valuable, isn’t it?

Because it seems to have confidence in the vegetable, the soup curry of the vegetable center is chosen this time.

In addition, I was told that I saw a blog to the shop owner at the time of the order, I had a drink and topping baked cheese service ♪

Because the shopkeeper is a good character, please talk to me and see it lol. It was a very good feeling.

First of all, drinks are delivered.

Caramel Latte (400 yen, service)

Sweet aroma and sweetness of caramel. It was refreshing without feeling verbose ◎

Then, the appearance of the soup curry.

Soup curry of Plenty of Hokkaido vegetables (980 yen, this time served with rice on grilled cheese)

The horse.

Look at that! This name is the vegetable of the street.

A variety of vegetables such as cabbage, peppers, carrots, broccoli, shimeji, pumpkin, and Mizuna ♪

All of them were fresh and delicious, but the pumpkins were moist and delicious.

It was very delicious.

A friend who was with me was the most delicious soup curry I had ever eaten.

I can expect Lou Curry in this minute!

Also with the line.


Soup & Roux Curry Specialty Shop Curry Farm

● Address

Hokkaido 5-1-12 Kita 16-Jo Nishi, Kita-ku, Sapporo Dik Bldg 2f
Business Hours
11:30 ~ 22:00

● Telephone


● Regular holiday



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