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Subluca RI

Subluca RI


Well known went to Plateful’s shop, ‘ ‘ Sub-luca-ri.

The reading is Akari.

This is not a café, but a coffee shop lol.

The appearance reminiscent of the Showa era.

There were a lot of manga in the store.

There were about 500 books.

This is a menu.

The lower one takes the color change with oil lol.

What is the omelet set meal? Anxious.

But the purpose of today is only Zangi!!

The friend who came with me also ordered the Zangi set meal.

The age group of the guest is increased.

The feeling that has been loved for a long time is transmitted.

Oh, that’s it.

… Not

What this lol.

Zangi set Meal (700 yen)

It may be difficult to transmit, but there are five of the fist-sized zangi.

A large amount of cabbage shredded and plateful spaghetti salad is hidden in zangi lol.

By the way, a considerable amount of rice.

I had a good look at the blog, the real thing is amazing lol.

The friend in the opposite side laughs.


I tried to compare it with my friend’s cigarettes.



By the way, cigarette is a normal size lol.

I’d like to.

… Delicious.

With a slight curry flavor, the clothes are crispy and the texture is light.

This may be five!

… Hehe.

I’m really full.

I left two of my friends across the street. It looks so bad lol.

It is recommended because it is cheap delicious if it is a great amount eater ◎

Also with the line.


Subluca RI

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