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The castle of the battle specification of hub that the castle was built by Kuroda Nagamasa [1/3].

The castle of the battle specification of hub that the castle was built by Kuroda Nagamasa [1/3].

倭城 機張城
The castle of Hub is located in the middle between the castle group from Ulsan protecting the east coast of the Korean peninsula and Busan, and it was a castle of the fortress, and the parent and child of Kuroda Nagamasa. Kato Seisei is doing a major renovation in the role of Keicho. The castle is a structure that is divided by a huge horikiri, and the South Guo of the main part where the tower stand remains, and the North Guo where the long wall and the Tarmon tower ruins remain. Also called Takeshiro Castle.

Basic Data >
Name: The machine Zhang Castle
● Location: Busan Metropolitan City Machine Zhang-gun ( map )
● Lord: Kuroda Nagamasa Kato Kiyomasa
-Castle: Bunroku two years (1593)
-Remains: Ishigaki, Tower, Toraguchi
● Information: WA Castle

Date of Visit: November, 2017

Visit to the machine Zhang Castle- one , two , three .
WA Castle Tour- top page .

Visit >

wajo_gijan-01_6464The hotel is equipped with a parking lot at the foot of the castle. I appreciate it with a toilet and an explanation board.

wajo_gijan-02_6463In front of the parking lot, you can see a small hill across the field. It is not seen from the parking lot though the high stone wall and the tower stand are left in the machine Zhang Jonan Guo.

wajo_gijan-03_6460The explanation board installed in the parking lot. This is a simple but Japanese explanation.

wajo_gijan-04_6461The Japanese part of the description board. The name of the river is missing, but some parts are Japanese funny, but they can be read almost. It seems to have been a castle in which the village with the port was enclosed and defended because the castle was built in the north and South Hills, and the West was defended by double Horikiri, the south was climbing stone wall, and the North was built the outline to Kiyoe River.

wajo_gijan-05_6462Imagination figure of the machine Zhang Jonan Guo. The building is Korean style. The right side is drawn in the north, and the rope is tilted 90 degrees. The climbing wall which rises from now extends to the lower left of this figure (not drawn).

wajo_gijan-06_6465I left the parking lot and went to the castle. You can see the sign in front of you, and the tip of the stone wall, and the stairs attached. By the way, the signboard used to show the location of the Korean drama filmed here.

wajo_gijan-07_6468They climb up the stairs I don’t notice the stairs, but the left side of the stairs is the wall. There is a stone wall on the outside, so let’s go to see it later. There is a stone monument when climbing for a while.

wajo_gijan-08_6469It would be a stone monument when it was designated as a historical site during Japan annexation. Historical, Zhang Takashiro Castle, and read.

wajo_gijan-09_6471They step up the stairs The stone side of the climb is a great bush, and I don’t know it. The maintenance situation seems not to be good.

wajo_gijan-10_6472When you climb the stairs, the road turns to the right and you can see that it was a tiger mouth. On the right side you can see the stone wall buried in grass. The stone wall is seen on the left side.

wajo_gijan-11_6473Let’s take a look at the stone wall. They climb to a place of excitement A stone row is seen on the slope side.

wajo_gijan-12_6474When the body is leaned and it peeps, the outside of the soil base is certainly a stone wall. The base and the stone wall are built on the slope, and it seems to be difficult to descend from here to the slope because the climbing stone wall is several heights. In the lower left, you can see Obi. It seems that it is easier to climb the slope from there.

wajo_gijan-13_6477Then, I decided to see the climbing stone wall on the way back, and let’s stroll South Guo first. It corresponds to the tiger mouth 1 to say in the previous Nahari figure. A white stone wall is seen in the upper back of the stone wall of the front tiger mouth.

wajo_gijan-14_6480To the bottom of the upper part beyond the tiger Mouth 1. This is the main enclosure. It is covered in the Bacillus subtilis overall, but it is only exposed here for some reason and it shines white. It seems to have had the tower on this once by the stone wall in the southeast corner of the main Guo.

wajo_gijan-15_6484When you move left toward the south-east corner, you reach the Honmaru. It hits the tiger Mouth 2 of the Nahari figure. Was the tower gate built so that it straddles on the left and right stone walls before? EXPLANATION Board available.

wajo_gijan-16_6482WA Castle, Zhang Takashiro-ri. Compared to the length of the explanation of English and Hangul, Japanese is short. The story of the size and the area which was built by Kuroda Nagamasa who had defended the vicinity to around June, 1593 (the role of the sentence Roku) when reading English, and it was a strategy important in the position where it was called the machine Zhang Castle simply in the Japan, and to connect the Nishisei Urashiro, Tsuru Castle, and Busan Ura The surrounding area is now a field, but the stone walls and the main part have often left the state at that time.

wajo_gijan-17_6490The right side of the tower is Ishigaki. It is in a well-visible position from the port side. A big tree is one now.

wajo_gijan-18_6487The stone wall of the left side toward the tiger mouth. This side is the bushes, but I can see that the stone wall remains firm. And the lower part is the vertical piling.

wajo_gijan-18a_6489The tiger mouth to Honmaru is a composition that can be seen that the dobashi-shaped slope is built.

wajo_gijan-18b_6491Into the Honmaru. Oh, my God. One side of the bush.

wajo_gijan-18c_6492I saw from the bottom, the inside of the tower stand on the right side of the tiger mouth. The stone wall collapses greatly, and the ground base has become round.

wajo_gijan-19_6500The tower Stand is a L-shaped stone wall. Again, some of the corner stones were stacked vertically.

wajo_gijan-20_6493From the Honmaru Castle, take a look towards Takejo Bay. This castle was built to protect the port and the whole village. The situation in the bay which is considerably far from this position is obvious. At that time, there was a tower of several layers, so it was easy to watch even farther.

wajo_gijan-20a_6498From the tiger mouth on the north side of the Honmaru (3) to the north. It was difficult to understand by the collapse and the bushes also look back at the tiger mouth mark.

wajo_gijan-21_6496The stone wall of the tiger mouth right and left. It looks like only the stone wall collapses seemingly, and is corners here because the lateral side is also well-equipped?

wajo_gijan-22_6497The right side is bushes.

Next, let’s look at the stone wall of the tower stand and the tower stand around the Honmaru circumference from the outside.

> Continues to the >- Zhang Castle [2/3] . < <

Date of Visit: November, 2017
Photographic equipment: FUJIFILM X-T10 + XF10-24mm
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