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The food Festival nun Blooms 2016 9/18/19 will be held. @ Hanshin Amagasaki Station Central Park Centennial anniversary

The food Festival nun Blooms 2016 9/18/19 will be held. @ Hanshin Amagasaki Station Central Park Centennial anniversary

  にほんブログ村 グルメブログ 関西食べ歩きへ

Citizens of the suburbs

Still the story ahead,

9/18, 19, 2016

The event will be held at Hanshin Amagasaki Station.

I can do nothing, but

“Good food from the restaurant for the revitalization of Amagasaki”

People gathered in the hope that

We are participating in such efforts.

The main food, such as the stage of the people active in the city,

I want to convey amagasaki not only to citizens but also to people who do not know Amagasaki.

I want to do such an event.

I think that the details will be decided more and more now.

Local restaurants, school groups, volunteer people

We would like to ask you to take part in the event now. * Application guideline is under construction.

And now we’re recruiting

Lives in Amagasaki, and also for kindergarten and elementary and junior high school students who live in Amagasaki (both individuals and groups)

We are looking for a picture to be a poster of the 2016 nun blooming

The theme is a design full of dreams and hope* It is forbidden to associate a specific company name or product name, etc.

You have to design only the picture, such as the character is unnecessary,

The picture of the chosen one becomes the poster for the advertisement.

Because I think that it is a remembrance of something, please participate by all means.


It is also described in this blog,

Official homepageBecause I think that the decision will come out,

Please look over there.

Let’s liven up Amagasaki together


You can also distribute flyers for each of the application guidelines.Put the poster on.
If you can contact us, it is difficult.
Please come.

Please send me a direct message to the following mail to a delicious information etc.
Beatandfeeling ★
*Replace ★ with @ .

Attention : When there is not a reply too much, it is possible to enter the Junk Mail folder,
I would appreciate it if you could offer me an email to comment orchid.

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Event name the 100th anniversary of the Festival nun Blooms 2016
Venue Hanshin Amagasaki Ekimae Chuo Park
Exhibition period 9/18, 19, 2016
No parking lot
Map Https://
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