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Because I wanted to eat a yakitori on this day, I went to “Yakitori mystery” ◎



The restaurant is like a main bar.

There were a lot of young female customers.

There are a lot of cute children lol.

I ordered a beer for the time being.

Use hot pepper for 100 minutes to drink 880 yen (including draft beer).

It is about the value with a draft beer.


Appetizer mushrooms.

It was delicious, but I forgot what it was like lol.

Do you like to drink in your appetizer?

First, a salad.

Spicy salad with Zangi and mizuna (580 yen)

It is hard to convey the size, but it was considerably large.


Now, I have to eat yakitori. I asked a lot of things.

Torisei (left… Salt, right… Miso, 150 yen each)

You can choose from salt, sauce and miso.

Miso is unusual, isn’t it? It is the URI of this shop.

The meat is juicy and delicious.

The miso sauce was delicious.

Left… Asparagus bacon (180 yen) right… White meat cheese (180 yen)

It’s not supposed to delicious ♪

The liquor proceeds forward hehe.

There were many other menus, and there were also one dishes besides skewers.

I recommend this place.

Also with the line.



● Address

Hokkaido Minami Shichijo Nishi 4, Chuo-ku, Sapporo LC5 Bldg. 2f
Business Hours
Mon-Sat 18:00 ~ Next 5:00
Sun/Holiday 18:00 ~ Next 0:00

● Telephone


● Regular holiday



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