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Yeongdeungpo Castle [1/2] The castle of the strait observation of the Big Island where Shimazu Yoshihiro was in

Yeongdeungpo Castle [1/2] The castle of the strait observation of the Big Island where Shimazu Yoshihiro was in

倭城 永登浦城
Yeongdeungpo Castle is a castle for the strait surveillance built at the north end of the Big Island located on the south side of the Korean peninsula, and the record that Shimazu Yoshihiro is in the ancient documents remains. It was built as a base for the Gulf guard to check the Korean naval forces led by Yi Sun, not the castle that was built many in the peninsula southeast part by the role of the sentence Roku, and there is no climbing stone wall which surrounds the Gulf Coast like other WA castles, A melody is arranged along the ridge from the summit of about 250m altitude. The tower at the south end of the castle is a landmark.

Basic Data >
Name: Yeongdeungpo Castle
● Location: Gyeongsang South Road Geoje City ( map )
● Lord: Shimazu Yoshihiro Tadsune
-Castle: Bunroku two years (1592)
-Remains: Ishigaki, tower, vertical moat, Toraguchi
● Information: WA Castle

Date of Visit: November, 2017

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Visit >

wajo_yondonpo-02_7157The narrow paved road is going up while seeing the strait between the Korean peninsula and the Big Island. To get up in the car is too hard to get off the road. The valley has become a residential area and a field, and there is a former castle (the Korean dynasty Castle), and the Toyotomi Army is the ground which might have been used as a base. It is said that the stone wall remains near the church which was on the way, but has gone through without noticing.

wajo_yondonpo-01_7158sThe road of the pavement ends, and the valley is made a direct climb finally. There was still a road around here. At the southern end of Yeongdeungpo Castle, the tower is built toward the top of the right side of the tower.

wajo_yondonpo-03_7162The road disappears when advancing for a while. The tower of the landmark is in this direction because it looks at the top of the mountain ahead. If you climb from the valley, you have to go beyond here. By the way, I did not know that the steel tower was the castle ruins at the time of the castle, so I climbed back to the valley with a map and stirred up the bushes while becoming super uneasy.

wajo_yondonpo-04_7159Completely in the bush. Because there is also a river in the valley, while taking care of the feet. Since the end of November, I did not encounter any living things, but it seems to come out a lot in the hot season.

wajo_yondonpo-05_7164They look back The peninsula and the strait are seen well. It was said that there was a tower in the mountaintop, and it was likely to have seen the Strait region considerably from the top of tower. Unfortunately, the top of the mountain is lush with no view of trees.

wajo_yondonpo-06_7166sThe tower is approaching, but the bushes still continue.

wajo_yondonpo-07_7167The valley ends and finally reaches the slope of the mountain. The brush disappears, but it becomes a direct climb from here to surface. The vertical stripes are visible, but they are not the ruins but the natural topography.

wajo_yondonpo-08_7168sI climb the ridge muscle. The left and right are large valleys, but they are easy to climb because of the smooth and wide ridges.

wajo_yondonpo-09_7170The slope which there is a considerable angle though it is not visible to a wide cutting plain when taking in the photograph. Climb this up.

wajo_yondonpo-09a_7171.jpgI finally saw the top. Another breath. There is not a place to be caught because there are few trees, and a load hangs on the Achilles tendon.

wajo_yondonpo-10_7172It went out to the ridge muscle. I found out later that this place was already in the castle, close to the L-shaped bent part (south end). Climb to the left.

wajo_yondonpo-11_7175I can see some facilities. This is the foundation of the Steel tower which was seen from the bottom, and it falls into the bent part of the L-shaped castle area. It is unclear whether the remains because it might have sharpened it when making this facility though there was a dent of the ground base shape and a lateral moat in surroundings, too. Perhaps it was a tune.

wajo_yondonpo-12_7177You’ve come to the steel tower! A relieved breath.

wajo_yondonpo-13_7202From the steel tower, the paved roadway which the worker will climb is extended. When you go there, the pavement ends immediately. It seems that there is a stone ring of the Ishigaki building in the middle of this roadway according to the Nahari figure.

wajo_yondonpo-14_7203The left and right side of the roadway was raised, and it went to the place of the tiger mouth. By the way, there was a road here at that time when there was a castle because this forest road was made in the ridge muscle, and there was a tiger mouth in this place and it might have been a climbing road here at that time. Let’s stroll around the ground base. First, towards the back of the Earth base.

wajo_yondonpo-15_7180Stroll around the base of the tiger mouth. The stone product came out slightly. It enters the slope and it observes well.

wajo_yondonpo-16_7184The stone wall piled up firmly. The stone wall is enough to show that it is a castle from here when coming up the Forest road. The stone wall will come out more from the bottom if it scraping mulch.

wajo_yondonpo-17_7187It rotates around the base of the soil. It seems that the base which was made from the ground base and the stone wall was made at the last minute of the ridge muscle full in a considerably steep slope under the soil base. It might be a big mouth from the foot to the main part of the mountain.

wajo_yondonpo-18_7190A corner stone Assuming from the height of the stone wall in the back, 3-4 stages would have been higher.

wajo_yondonpo-18a_7192Turn the corner stone to the front of the ring. The front side of the stone wall has been lost almost collapsed, level you might not notice when you come up from the roadway side. The big stone came out only a little when a little withered grass was excluded. It seems to have piled up a fine boulder unlike the left and right in the front. The left side of the thin iron bar in the back is the roadway.

wajo_yondonpo-19_7194To the other side of the tiger mouth. This place remained comparatively clean. At that time, the stone wall of 1-2m might have been built to surround all laps of the tune ring.

wajo_yondonpo-20_7199A firm stone wall with a relatively tight joint. There is a record that Shimadzu Yoshihiro is in the ancient documents, but Shimazu in the Warring States period has no image of the stone wall. After the surrender in the Kyushu clear of Hideyoshi, I would have seen the Ishigaki castle and the famous Guardian Castle in various places, and I would have touched on the Ishigaki technology in the building.

wajo_yondonpo-21_7204From the big mouth along the ridge, I went up the roadway which had just descended. It’s a pretty slope.

wajo_yondonpo-22_7207Back to the mountain ridge. This time, I will go to the main Guo District (north). It is said that several inflection rings are built on this ridge to the main Guo of the mountaintop.

wajo_yondonpo-23_7210The base with the masonry in the front is seen.

wajo_yondonpo-24_7212When eyes were done to the left and right of the ridge, the soil base of a quite height was built on the west side. Not on the east side.

wajo_yondonpo-25_7216The ground base of the previous. There is a cut of the base on the right, and it seems to have been a tiger mouth here. On the ground base there is a stone product only side.

wajo_yondonpo-26_7218From the top of the ground, I looked down at the ridge I had just walked. The fence or the soil wall had been built, and this side from the other end might have been in the state not seen at all.

wajo_yondonpo-27_7221It formed a multi-stage inflection wheel which divides the cutting level on the ridge by the similar ground base and the stone wall from this area ahead. Such a stone wall remains in fragments here and there.

wajo_yondonpo-28_7229It is hardened by the stone wall of several steps also on the side of the tune ring. The enemy soldiers who came up directly from the slope would not have been easily put inside. The stone wall is seen in the left back.

wajo_yondonpo-31_7235The wall of the third stone wall. There was only about 2m, and there was a stone wall of about 6 steps, and it became a strong wall here. The future is Honmaru.

wajo_yondonpo-29_7232They turn sideways and look around. Corners was collapsing, but again the stone wall seems to remain firm.

wajo_yondonpo-30_7233Stone wall again. It is a strong fortress built on the ridge.

It corners up from the top, and aim at the Honmaru in the back.

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Date of Visit: November, 2017
Photographic equipment: FUJIFILM X-T10 + XF10-24mm
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