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○ ○ ○ Bar Lovers Must See! I went to Takoyaki bar “Octopus-san” ◎

I am weak to the specialty shop, haha.


↑ The picture is cute.

↓ Kawaii entrance.


It is only a counter and a small table inside.

Nice décor

There is a sabcal book, too. I think that I like my hobby absolutely.


This is a very rich Takoyaki group.

It is not reflected in the photograph, but there is also dessert takoyaki such as chocolate banana baked.

Oh, by the way, the octopus is not in the dessert.

First of all, I ordered a beer.

… It was sold out LOL.

If you’re in the heartland, order it.

Heartland (600 yen)

Actually, I drank it for the first time. It’s a bottle of beer.

What kind of beer is that?

Because it is a takoyaki bar, I will order it fast.

Licked Taketo butter Octopus (600 yen)

It is the takoyaki which I liked most when I came last time ◎

The Japanese style is suitable for Takoyaki! Fuwa!

Sauce Takoyaki (600 yen)

It is a staple.

It is a dish that does not remove ◎

Shiota Koyaki (600 yen)

It is a takoyaki of the popular number 1 ◎

Easily. I put it in my mouth and it disappears soon. Simmering.

This shop may be easy to come by yourself.

At this time, I visited by three people, I wonder if I’ll go alone this time?

Also with the line.


Your kite

● Address

Hokkaido Minami 2-Jo Higashi 1-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo M’s Alley Building 2f
Business Hours

19:00-2:00 pm

● Telephone


● Regular holiday



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