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After all steak Susukino store

After all steak Susukino store


For lunch in the middle of shopping in the city! I went to the steak Susukino shop.

It is a shop that landed from Okinawa!



The shop is bright, there are counter seats and table seats ◎

You can buy meal ticket at the ticket vending machine and get to your seat!


The table has a lot of seasonings!

I can eat a lot of good!



This time I chose three types of Here!

I also lined up the easy-to-understand containers. Lol

Oh, please understand from this area that the sunlight from the window is very bright and the photograph becomes the backlight. Lol



And Coco can eat rice salad soup!

It is a style to take each one from this space!



There are two kinds of salad with shredded cabbage and macaroni salad.

You can choose from three types of dressing ◎



The soup of the day is egg soup.



Good! Just wait for the steak!

You, I came!!


After all steak (180g 1,000 yen)


It’s so sizzling!

Take the paper and…



Delicious steak ♪ and backlit! Lol

I’ll eat meat! Thank you for this meal!



Soft enough to cut easily with a knife ♪

It is rare in the inside, and it is necessary to make it to the okonomiyaki which I like on the Iron plate ◎



It’s not that I can’t chew at all. Soft Meat ◎

It is eating and answering, and it is carnivorous! I feel good!


It eats in various sauces, and it does not get tired because it tastes strange by eating with wasabi!

The salad is a complete meal of the satisfaction ♪



It is good for 1,000 yen for this content!

The second store in Sapporo seems to be opening a store this month in Aeon Kuwono.


Also with the line.


After all steak Susukino store
● Address
NPLACE Bldg. 2F, Minami 4-Jo Nishi 3-1, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
Business Hours

11:00 am to 5:00 am
● Telephone
● Regular holiday

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