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Agriio 1979

Agriio 1979


I went to “Agrio 1979” where the pasta can be eaten at a reasonable price, satisfying both taste and quantity.

The place is Maruyama.

There’s a SEIYU across the street, so mark it out.

It’s a blur.

Looks cute.

There is no photograph, but it is stylish because the interior is based on white.

The family from the couple, may be okay for one person.

The menu is abundant, and there are about 20 kinds of pasta, tomato base, and cream base.

Other gratin, pizza, salad, etc. Under1000 yen and reasonable price basically.

I order carbonara because I love cheese.

It was carried in about ten minutes by asking.

Carbonara (950 yen)

Pretty volume.

A little girl might be a lot.

The taste is my favorite with a thick feeling.

Sometimes, I have a carbonara that looks like soup with rustling,

I’m not admitting that carbonara lol.

Because it is an Italian course cooking main, unexpectedly,

The shop which can be satisfied with such separately might be valuable.

Also with the line.


Agriio 1979

● Address

24-3-11 Minami 7 Jo Nishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido

Business Hours


● Telephone


● Regular holiday

The first third Monday


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