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Amagasaki Hankyu Tsukaguchi Tengo (teppan) teppanyaki and cooking Shop

Amagasaki Hankyu Tsukaguchi Tengo (teppan) teppanyaki and cooking Shop

  にほんブログ村 グルメブログ 関西食べ歩きへ

The shop of Teppanyaki and Teppan-Yaki

Along the five-minute walk from Hankyu Tsukaguchi to the west

. It’s still pre-open.

8/24 Grand opening.

Your friend’s shop.

Mr. Tengo

It is a word which uses the nuance like the mischief to be Tengo.

A stylish beard, a splendid beard, sweat.

I’m sure the poor beard will be defeated.


I guess it was a snack or a coffee shop.

The door is so pretty, isn’t it?

To peek inside the window

The sticker is pasted and it is not understood for a moment


There are five counters in the store.

Two tables, one x1, three people, one seat.

It is a small shop, but the shiny fresh is beautiful.


The counter is a lot of things.

It seems not to make a full because it is not known so much.

The practice is made to be delicious fast.



This is a little taste.

It’s like the most hated tree.

Broccoli… Natural Enemy Sweat

But it was the first time to eat delicious!

I know the first time that it is important to boil or the like!!!

I know it’s really impossible to have some crunchy texture.



You can also taste this.

Potatoes are flaky and yes salted plum

A home-cooked professional

There’s only so much to do in the store.

-Sorry underestimate.

Neapolitan of the garnish of something

It’s nice and colorful.


It seems to become mellow when Shochu is put in this.


Who’s This?

Something Attachment frame character

It seems to be a work at the elementary school of daughter’s works

Term Tengo-kun?


Well, start with a draft beer!

It’s still hot, really.

Go to the

Oh yes, from here I started to eat

I was fascinated by not being able to eat at all because there was a way.


Quick Kimchi


Kimchi of Chinese cabbage

I’m not good at this!

I wonder if this will be eaten

Is kimchi good? What do you want?

This may be true!!!


Stewed streak

With beer in a dark tasteBest Match!

The type which left a Choi chewy is good


There is also a bottle of beer.

We have Asahi Super Dry and Sapporo lager.

Sapporo is delicious!


He prepared me for my life.

Not too sweet in miso

Korori Ume ~ ~ ~

I’m going to have a summer!


Shrimp Leek Grill

Full of shrimp and lots of leek

The small one is just fine.

Because I want to eat various things


Smoked Beef lever

Thick and moist texture

There’s a complete whiskey.



Chuhi Lemon

Chuhai is a tomato or a tea.

I have a very high favorite.

Put some lemon in the tea-high

Love to make lemon tea tuhigh to last tighten



I’ll have a steak.


Konjac of the extras! Is also delicious

It seems that the prime changes depending on the day.


Burdock and thin fried cooked

W just got a little

It’s very good!

I think that Seeli was in.

Very well balanced seasoning

The taste is in season in the fried Mr. and also for burdock and chicken
Best match

I’m going to give you a delicious chicken soup.


I got the fins, too.

Broil by myself ^ ^

It’s really fun directing!


Pork grilled soba is also delicious.

Is that because the oil is in it?

I feel that the richness is Al or deep

The sauce seems to blend in.Trade secretsBurn ^ ^



It is a mouth that can do anything w

Hormone-grilled UDON

This is also delicious with plenty of hormones

It’s totally dangerous.

It’s hard to throw noodles like soba.


Your friend brought me some flowers.

Moreover, it is a great distance to hear the story.


It was very delicious.

I’m too stuffed.

I am very fluent.

I’m looking forward to the official menu.

It is still in pre-

Congratulations on the grand opening 8/24.

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The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.

Shop name Teppanyaki, Hozai, Sake Tengo
Address 661-0012 Minamitsukaguchi-cho, Amagasaki-shi, Hyogo 1-4-17
Phone No private
Opening hours 18:00 ~ 22:00 (L.O.21:45)
Closed on Sundays and holidays * check-in for New Year and Obon

Paid parking near the parking lot
Map Https://

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