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An affordable sushi restaurant on the outskirts of the downtown area! It is safe at first sight.

An affordable sushi restaurant on the outskirts of the downtown area! It is safe at first sight.

  にほんブログ村 グルメブログ 関西食べ歩きへ

There are a lot of cheaper sushi shops around the Hankyu Juso.

I feel a lot of shops put in the tavern price Choi Plus.

I’m looking around for a hit.

I came to Mr. Juziku.

It is not in the

1 (3)

The word of mouth is searching for the place which seems not to be, and is walking

I’m also pounding for the first time as usual again. (Especially the sushi restaurant.)

While having such a feeling, entering a shop

If you go inside, you will hear a dashing voice.

General: Getting frustrated

I have a reservation.

General: Please wherever you like.

The inside of the shop extends to the back besides the counter.

It’s wide.

Sit to the edge of the counter

General: Well, well, that’s the end of the story, to the middle of the case.

I’ll give you one stop.
(But you’re going to be nervous. Sweat)

I nodded to the neighbor and sat down

Watch the Neta case.

(Because the atmosphere of the general is good, it is not comfortable, it seems that the sense of first visit has already disappeared)
1 (4)

I’ll leave you with your build.

The deluxe came out.

1 (20)

1 (9)

Amakusa’s natural stone bream

The taste is amazing.
1 (10)

This tuna medium toro
1 (11)

This tuna is lean and maaji.
1 (12)

I think that this was an akkou of Amakusa, too.
1 (13)

First cup moisten the throat with beer,

I drink up while I’m waiting for cooking.

And the fish is sake.

Hot sake.
1 (14)

In addition, the Hamo
1 (7)

It’s good to have two kinds of sumiso or plum meat.
1 (8)

Salt-grilled Yellowtail

My staple is also good.
1 (17)

Do you want me to hold sushi?


I decided to ask for something not good,

Because I was weak in the one which was not good, I do not refer to it.

There is sticking to the size of the rice, and this is exactly right.

It’s the best.
1 (15)


Let’s get what we love ^ ^

A very delicious juicy

Eel is good.


1 (16)


I also love shrimp, but there is also a prejudice to the size of this.

The shrimp in the shop that cut the shrimp too large

Thick biting the delicious body indeed,

It has a flavor.

I am sticking to my appearance.

If it’s on a consistent basis,

This shrimp is a wonderful shrimp.

1 (18)

Steamed conger eel

It eats the Snakes series carelessly.

It’s delicious!

The body and the reliquary are untied in the mouth.

1 (19)

I was worried about my wallet and I wanted to eat more but I’ll leave it here..;)

I’d like to have your account.

General: Please wait to eat this

This is the way it is.

Loving winding
1 (21)

The love wound comes in the service. Happy ~ ~ ~

It’s delicious.

In the meantime, we can calculate the accounting

Wow: really a treat

1 (2)

I’ve had five or six drinks in total.

So I think it was about 8400 yen for two dishes of all the above pictures.

Yes, not a COSPA!

The taste is also so,

The attitude to us of the general landlady’s look is very favorable.

We also have more shops to enter

Sushi Restaurant in town

I want to enjoy not to disturb the regulars in the neighborhood.

And I want to eat more sushi.

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The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.

Juziku (Tomizashi)
Address 2-11-3 Tomitsumachi, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka, Japan
Phone number 06-6308-6832
Business hours 17:00 ~ 3:30
Closed irregular
No parking
Map Https://
Home Page
Gurunavi Juziku
Eating log Juziku ( sushi / Juso station )

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