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At the restaurant @ Subway Zoological Garden Mae Station and JR Shin-Imamiya underpass

At the restaurant @ Subway Zoological Garden Mae Station and JR Shin-Imamiya underpass

  にほんブログ村 グルメブログ 関西食べ歩きへ

I came to Shin-Imamiya.


Just a little walk from the ticket gate of JR elevated station

The deep zone of the neighborhood from a station lined with 3-4 hotels

I want to drink in the name of the cafeteria.


It was said that Iwaya and the cafeteria and another one in the morning.

Let’s enter the cafeteria.


They pass a Noren

It’s packed.


It seems to be a shop of the seniors of the life drinking in the morning.

Almost full

To swallow in a place like a really narrow counter


Ninety-year-old deaf grandma and son of a couple?

I feel it is done by these three people.

The seniors talk to me almost in the regulars.

“Where are you from, brother? 」

“Amagasaki, do you have a cousin? 」

This is the time to eat this.


Where are you going now? 」

This is what I remember, but a drunken senior wants to hear a cup




Eat it. Oh, look.

Tuna’s Plum

Seems to be delicious

Is there a standing price of 250 yen?


I eat this, and he eats it.

Why do I have another tuna depth peel body sweat

I don’t like it, but I appreciate the sweat, but after this


The hormone stew!

I do not like the stew of this nishinari system after all.

Finally understood.

I’m getting bored in the middle.

And I feel just a little smell.


Even if it is painful, it is together.


To cheat more

They eat


I think that the Chinese soba of the hormone because it is great pains

I’m here.

It is grilled soba.

Mr. Bob who is kind to me

I think this is good.


I don’t think the sauce is going to be massaged.

Grandma is wiping the dish of the tuna favorite body with the tissue when looking well.

Well well?


Yeah, that’s right. Sweat.

The sweat that chopsticks do not advance at a dash

In a sense, it is really deep.

Yes, I had no choice but to worry about it a little while ago.

The big landlady patted her head and gave me ten yen for some reason.

And I pat my head. And I’ll give you ten yen again.

Oh no no

No. What’s the rush? W

What is this attraction?

I can’t eat laughing.

It’s going to squirt.

Ten yen

Ten yen attack volley…

What is it? W

What a day!


I’m pretty busy with you.

Goodbye with the Seniors

Nishinari Culture Shock Hey, I lost to Nishinari deep.

Nishinari deep seems to me to have a heavy load

Oh, the next door is a standing drink.

Sitting here in the shop, there’s no one standing here yet.


I guess it’s a shop that is loved forever.

I was allowed to have an interesting experience

I left the hormone juice and Chinese soba burns,

It is a culture shock to the amusement spot W..

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Address 1-1-11 Hagi-Chaya, Nishisei-ku, Osaka
Phone number 06-6641-5305
Business hours 7:00 ~ 13:00 16:00 ~ 19:00
Parking lot
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