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I’m going to dye my heart with a gold stew @ Eleven

I’m going to dye my heart with a gold stew @ Eleven

I noisily.

I can write when it’s easy.

Even if you are too busy to work, let’s go happily and pleasantly.

  にほんブログ村 グルメブログ 関西食べ歩きへ

It’s my routine to buy lunch that day on the way to work every morning.

Of course, if you have time for lunch, you can go to “takestudents” and eat curry Chinese.

I’m ready for work from noon.

The work is quite tight to the thing which is difficult to have here.

I stop at a convenience store and buy a small bento.

This is quite a lonely situation continues.

At a convenience store, I could see some dazzling packages.

I’m not particularly aware of that shelf,

For some reason, I was finding something shiny on the shelf that day.

I can’t write to the end in such a serious sentence w
(I need a ghost writer W)

To return the contents to the shop ~ seven-Eleven

In a refrigerated case at the back in the store if somehow Bo

There was a sparkling gold beef stew and eyes…

The aura of gold calls me terribly

Buy me an aura.

However, I usually do it with a cup noodle and rice ball

This + several hundred yen is severe in the salaried man’s purse.

Choi just become an upscale weekday lunch


But, yes!

It is important to heal your heart during your busy lunch.

Treat yourself! (I think I’m a banged up

Not just the money, my heart says.

I don’t know what you’re talking about.

The moment when it became the both feelings staring at the main

I’ll buy… once you eat it. Gold Series

The next time you get lost

Do you want to go with rice or make bread?

Maybe you are really indecisive.

Are you crafting that kind of character on your blog?

I’m not sure I have the former side.

Either way…

Is it a manly rice?

Do you choose the bread in OL’s type (It is a selfish image w)

Oh my!!! It’s like rice!!!!!

Eat rice and let the head turn full!!!


But I’m looking for white rice at a convenience store.

There is only rice of chin in the range!

Oh my God, I just made a decision.

Do you want to eat chin rice? Do you want to make it into a women’s bread? Problems have occurred.

The opening hours are closing in, too close to the convenience store.

I do not know what is said to the boss who is on the lookout if you are lost as it is.

However, I was not permitted to compromise.

In a hurry to return home with a beef stew of gold

I managed to get to work.

I’m just doing my job until noon.

Finally, it’s noon… it’s already exhausted.

But so-and-so
Gold beef stew incl. 398 yen


The time of happiness in warm rice


It’s just a good price.

The meat is also quite good.



Only one potato is flaky.


I’m going to have some wine.

Indeed, it is per the Gold series.

It’s not expensive if you think you ate out.

Because it does not treat it in some seven-Eleven, be careful!


Work too busy

Forget anything

I have a taste that I can concentrate on.

What is the next Money series?
Well, in the afternoon, the work is a trap.

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Phone number 06-6411-3406
Open 24 hours a day
No closed
Parking is not a lot ahead. Paid Coin parking
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