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In the old-fashioned cafeteria of nun’s residential area, cafeteria drinking @ maruthree meals ado Amagasaki Higashi-Namba Town

In the old-fashioned cafeteria of nun’s residential area, cafeteria drinking @ maruthree meals ado Amagasaki Higashi-Namba Town

I’m not tired of waking up at a strange time
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You can’t sleep. Sweat.

  にほんブログ村 グルメブログ 関西食べ歩きへ

The cafeteria that has been in this place for many years

I knew this place existed.

It has been open since I was a child.

The tent is clean, too.

I don’t think you’ve been doing that for so long.

As long as I know, it’s been more than 30 years.


I’m entering for the first time

There is a case without putting it in the cafeteria.

Udon is also on the main bowl.


I need a beer.

I drink in the cafeteria.


I’ve been looking for you.

This is all I have.


What kind of meat stir-fry, pin explored

Ordinary meat of salt and pepper on top of cabbage


It’s too simple.

However, this is the place where Walla Walla whoops Chan

I wonder if he’ll come in alone.


There’s a lot of people around here.

The people seem to be dining.

The next lady came…

My aunt seems to have come to return the container by the delivery by the rustling soba.

Beer from noon to me and another one

It is one of the side dishes in the case.

And, is it in the kitsune udon?

I’m not just meat.

Then let’s Tonjiru.

This is the only pig in the menu.

It’s a premium.

The miso is thin and very simple.

The scent of bean sprouts is sometimes sharpened.

The fat of the pig is soup and close relation

It is not after all, but I feel the kindness in this bland.


What kind of shop are you going to be?

But it’s very calm.

Such a dining room


Relaxed not only taste

It seems to be a resident cafeteria in Amagasaki Higashi-Namba Town



In front of the east side of Namba Park

This and the candy store also fit

Take a break there.


Playing baseball again in the park

That’s what it is.


My hometown.

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Store name Maruthree meals ADO
AddressHyogo Prefecture4-4-1 Higashi-Namba-cho, Amagasaki
Phone number06-6401-2914
Business Hours 9:30 ~ 14:00 ・ 16:00 ~ 19:00 ※ Public Holidays until 14:00
Closed Sundays
No parking
Gurunavi: Top |
Eating logMaruthree Meals ADOSet Meal/Amagasaki Station (Hanshin)Deyashiki Station


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