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Kitano scandal @ Kobe Sannomiya to mountain a cigar or cocktail at Kitano’s Bar

Kitano scandal @ Kobe Sannomiya to mountain a cigar or cocktail at Kitano’s Bar

  にほんブログ村 グルメブログ 関西食べ歩きへ

Kobe FriendsLet’s go here once and say

I remembered that I had gotten a match before.

I don’t particularly understand Kobe.

I don’t know Osaka.

I don’t know any nuns.

It’s all about relying on people

KITANO SCADAL (Kitano scandal)

I climbed from Sannomiya to the mountain.

Is it a hunter slope?

I don’t know much about it.

It’s straight, but I stare.

Even though I have no sense of direction as usual

This time, this is normal W

It’s easy. Straight and sweaty.

It was pretty hard to climb up with a drunk.

It is not the first floor, but I think that it understands because the sign was shining.

First basement floor.


I’ll be invited.

I will be tempted by this kind of lighting.



This bar is actually sitting in a foreign country.

Around the Foreigner house

Kobe’s Bar culture.


The counter is good, but if it’s like this

I like the table.

How about a date? You

Whoa, I came here with a young man.

Not a Moho W


Don’t climb mountains.

Persist… I thought I wanted to climb mountains, but hiking is dangerous.

A hike is a tough level

In front of forty, my stamina faded.

I need a gin and tonic.

Very delicious gin and tonic

Definitely a nice bar

And sort a cigar

Me too


I’ve never smoked anything like this.

I’m sure.

Beginner or rather introductory hen?



And then you do this.


Nocello (Nocello)

Walnut Liqueur

It smells very good.

Kurumi W

It goes well with cigars.

And there is chocolate, too.

Bitter chocolate with sweet liqueur

What a nice bar!

Thank you for being polite and kind to me.

Master Wow

Truly professional

I’ve left everything to you,

I’m going to give you four out of five choices.

That’s great.

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NameKitano scandal

Address 2-12-19 Pearl life B1F , Yamamoto-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe , Hyogo 
Phone number 078-222-5981

Business hours 19:00 ~ the next 4:00
Closed irregular
Parking lot
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