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“New Sakura Taisen” game information first released! Details of the hero, Kamiyama Makoto Juro Boarding “Spirit Child fighter-Infinity” also Sega games, the first installment of the game information about the PS4 compatible software [new Sakura Taisen] that will be released this winter has been released. News 2019.4.19 Fri 11:00

“New Sakura Taisen” game information first released!

Details of the hero, Kamiyama Makoto Juro Boarding “Spirit Child fighter-Infinity” also Sega games, the first installment of the game information about the PS4 compatible software [new Sakura Taisen] that will be released this winter has been released. News 2019.4.19 Fri 11:00


  • 『新サクラ大戦』ゲーム情報第1弾公開―主人公・神山誠十郎が搭乗する「霊子戦闘機・無限」の詳細も明らかに
  • 『新サクラ大戦』ゲーム情報第1弾公開―主人公・神山誠十郎が搭乗する「霊子戦闘機・無限」の詳細も明らかに
  • 『新サクラ大戦』ゲーム情報第1弾公開―主人公・神山誠十郎が搭乗する「霊子戦闘機・無限」の詳細も明らかに
  • 『新サクラ大戦』ゲーム情報第1弾公開―主人公・神山誠十郎が搭乗する「霊子戦闘機・無限」の詳細も明らかに
  • 『新サクラ大戦』ゲーム情報第1弾公開―主人公・神山誠十郎が搭乗する「霊子戦闘機・無限」の詳細も明らかに
  • 『新サクラ大戦』ゲーム情報第1弾公開―主人公・神山誠十郎が搭乗する「霊子戦闘機・無限」の詳細も明らかに
  • 『新サクラ大戦』ゲーム情報第1弾公開―主人公・神山誠十郎が搭乗する「霊子戦闘機・無限」の詳細も明らかに
  • 『新サクラ大戦』ゲーム情報第1弾公開―主人公・神山誠十郎が搭乗する「霊子戦闘機・無限」の詳細も明らかに

Sega games, the PS4 software that will be available this winterNew Sakura Taisen, The first installment of the game information was released.

This work is the latest work of the big hit series [Sakura Taisen]. It will be a dramatic 3D action adventure depicting the activity of “Imperial Hua Hammer” to fight against evil on the stage of the Teito-Tokyo after 12 years from “Sakura Taisen V ~ Farewell Dear People ~”.

In the first installment, we introduce the synopsis and stage of this work, characters, and the Spirit Fighter. The details of “Spirit child Fighter, infinity” and “Ghost Child Armor and Mitsui Mitsutake” that the member and Amamiya Sakura board are boarded, and the hero-Kamiyama Makoto Juro boarding is revealed.

◆ “New Sakura Taisen”

“Shin Sakura Taisen” is a dramatic 3D action adventure depicting the success of the “Imperial Flower Hammer” to fight evil on the Teito-Tokyo stage of the fictional “Taisei era”. In the main character design, I appointed the Kubo belt who is known as the author of the manga “BLEACH” serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump” (Shueisha published).

Mr. Kohei Tanaka, who has provided a large number of songs in the previous series, is involved in music. And, the story structure welcomed Mr. Ishiiijou who is active beyond the frame of the game, TV animation, the movie, and the media. Please look forward to this work that Sega delivers all-out.

◆ “New Sakura Taisen” Synopsis

Juku Taasa. In the Teito and Tokyo, the battle called “The Demon War” breaks out later. The Imperial and Paris, and the string-education group boldly confronted the threat, and the world was saved. In exchange for its annihilation, the brave Hua-dan

Then, from the achievement of the fierce Battle of the Demon Wars, the Urban defense plan of the Hua Hammer will be recognized all over the world, and the World Flower Hammer Federation (WLOF) is established. The Flower hammer is born in each city in the world. Each country’s Wah Hammer team competed with the opera and the battle, and enhanced each other’s power at the “Hangeki Group Competition” held by the World Hua Hammer League Association. The Battle of the Maidens once in two years, and all over the world is enthusiastic as “World Flower Hammer Corps War”.

After that, the time of ten years passed, and Taisei was twenty-nine. Imperial Flower Hammer was revived in Teito-Tokyo, which had long been interrupted by the Hangeki group. The new “Imperial Flower Hammer” and “Hana Gumi” also aim at the victory of the World Flower Hammer Corps War, and challenge the fight.

However, the celebration of a friend’s peaceful rivalry with his comrades is a sudden change from the “celebration of Peace” to the “War of the World” by the emergence of a mysterious enemy who appeared all over the world again. The new Imperial Flower Hammer, led by the new protagonist “Makoto Kamiyama”, can uphold the peace of the world of Teito and show justice.

─ ─ A new [Sakura Taisen] begins now!

◆ The stage of this work

The stage of this work is Teito Tokyo in the twenty-nine years of Taisei. “Sakura Taisen V ~ Farewell Dear person ~” Time of 12 years passed, and the town of Ginza became a modern town where the culture of the age and the Japan age was mingling more than the Western culture, and it evolved into an advanced steam civilization city.

The adventure part is expanded with a 3D map. In addition to the interior of the great Imperial Theatre, the Ginza skyline, which is also a stage, is expressed in CG only.

The “Sakura Taisen” series is familiar with the time limit options “LIPS” and “confidence” elements are also alive and well.

◆ Characters

■ Kamiyama Makoto Juro (CV: Yohei ASO)

The hero of the new Sakura Taisen. “Imperial Flower Hammer, Hana gumi” captain, 20 years old. It serves as a former naval secret military ship captain, it becomes a transfer to the imperial Flower Hammer, and is appointed to the commander of the new “Imperial Flower Hammer Group, Hana Gumi”.

■ Amamiya Sakura (CV: Ayane Sakura)

He is 17 years old. It is a rookie member who enlisted in the flower set longing to Sakura Shinguji which is the top of the old flower Group. There is a strong fondness for the Imperial Opera Team and the Hana-gumi, which is the support of the heart of the citizens of the imperial City and the flower Brigade to protect the Teito, and I strongly hope to rebuild both.

■ Shinonome Hatsuho (CV: Makoto Uchida)

He is 17 years old. She is a poster girl of the Shinonome shrine which continues for generations to Imperial shrine. Born in downtown, downtown, the festival, the Edokko of the town loves everyone. It’s usually a cop, but it’s a combination of all the flowers you can count on.

■ Mochizuki Azumi (CV: Yamamura Hibiki)

He is 13 years old. In the descendants of the Ninja tribe named Mochizuki Ryu, he has a genius talent in the handling of martial arts, tactics, and weapons young. It is raised strictly from before I can remember, and I strongly believe in the “108 commandments” that are old to the village of Shinobi and cherish the law.

■ Anastasia Parma (CV: Ayaka Fukuhara)

He is 19 years old. From Greece. He was active in a European theater. After scourer a number of theatrical companies, he transferred to the Imperial Flower Hammer. He has top-class skills in both singing and acting, and he does a wide range of looks from male to sexy female roles.

■ Clalys (CV: Saori Hayami)

He is 16 years old. From Luxembourg. She is a very intelligent and pretty literary girl who likes to read books. I am very curious to learn a lot of things every day through books. His real name is “Clarissa Snowflake.” The heir of the Magic “heavy Magic” using the book transmitted to the Luxembourg aristocratic, Snowfreiku house.

◆ Spirit Child Fighter

The Spirit child armor is a human-shaped spiritual weapon developed for the anti-sorcery warfare, which can only be steered by those with a strong spiritual power, which is powered by steam. Based on the old spirit armor, the Spirit Fighter is a new framework of spiritual warfare, which was designed by the World Flower Hammer Federation (WLOF). The high output of the spirit child mechanism is achieved compared with the Spirit child armor. As the standard format adopted in each country after the fall of the Demon War, the aircraft development will be performed in each country because the power conversion efficiency has improved dramatically, and the demand of the spirit power demanded by the pilot became low.

■ Ghost Fighter-Infinite

Kanzaki heavy Industry’s first mass production type Spirit child fighter. Based on the development of the Spirit Child armor and Mitsui Mitsutake, it was designed and developed as a formal spirit child fighter aircraft. The Spirit child turbocharger was also installed. In the aircraft easy to handle habit less performance, to play an active part as the main weapon of the Imperial Hua Hammer Corps and Flower set.

Image of Kamiyama Machine

■ Spirit Child Armor, Mitsui Mitsutake

Kanzaki Heavy Industries, in the aircraft was developed with a view to the framework transition from the Spirit child armor to the Spirit child fighter, based on the “Kobu type”, the aircraft was designed to reduce weight by using an unchard steel. However, the basic structure of the frame is not much different from the type of mitsutake, the total output and the spirit power efficiency is bad because it has not been adopted by the psychic supercharger. The overall combat power is inferior to the spirit child fighter, but has been developed thereafter, built the basis of the “Spirit Child Fighter, infinity”.

Image Amamiya Sakura Machine

“New Sakura Taisen” will be released this winter. The price is undecided.


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