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Okonomiyaki Shop Iwaya @ Takoyaki 8 pieces 100 yen is the cheapest. @ Hanshin Amagasaki tycoon 15-minute walk

Okonomiyaki Shop Iwaya @ Takoyaki 8 pieces 100 yen is the cheapest. @ Hanshin Amagasaki tycoon 15-minute walk

  にほんブログ村 グルメブログ 関西食べ歩きへ

To remember the nostalgic place and to see…

The shop which had been sidetracked

It’s a okonomiyaki shop.

I was eating some takoyaki here.

Takoyaki 8 pieces 100 yen

Old-fashioned size. This is the size of Takoyaki.

Eight hundred yen is still present this shop is the lowest in the country, isn’t it?

Can beer 350ml 250 yen happy pricing

Once upon a time there was a lot of this market and it was lively, but the shop and the table shop of this place are already open.

I feel lonely, but I think that the neighborhood and the high school student support this shop.

The owner’s spirit is considerate of the high school students in the neighborhood.

I’m very nostalgic when I see the shop owner’s face.

I feel warm.


The market was dim in the old days, but it looks like the backside.

I proceeded in front of the shop.


The warm bright shop is alive and well

Because it was Sunday, there is no student’s appearance, but the mother in the neighborhood is going to go shopping.

It’s a tidbit to go home and buy





The size of the octopus is small.

The size of feeling the presence that the octopus is in

A very large size

It’s delicious!

I umm feeling the smell of powder.



The table is crisp and crispy.

“A crunchy drink.”

When you say the preference of the tempering, you will be eating a different kite ware again.

Let me feel like I’ve been through it all the time.

There is no photograph, but only nori bonito or salt in it. A recommended way to eat


Lucky Cat is calling. Let’s go now.


Not in the market but from the north side.

1000 yen Even if I eat 80 pieces lol

I used to eat nearly 100 junior high school students!


I was about 20 years ago.

A shop that you want to visit soon

Kite-Yaki is not the cheapest?

There were ten hundred yen in the past.

I’m not sure, but now I’m working hard…..

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The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.

NameIwadaya Iwasaki

Address 〒 660-0804 Hyogo-Ken Amagasaki , kita-machi 16-25
Phone number 06-6401-6424

Business Hours
Closed unchecked: Sunday was open
Parking lot
Map Https://
Eating log Iwataya ( takoyaki / Big station , Amagasaki Station (Hanshin))


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