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Osaka Esaka Tokyu Hands Underground Italy cuisine @ Rosso (ROSSO) Esaka Store

Osaka Esaka Tokyu Hands Underground Italy cuisine @ Rosso (ROSSO) Esaka Store

  にほんブログ村 グルメブログ 関西食べ歩きへ

It was really a coincidence that the event happened.

It started with a wrong friend application on FACEBOOK

And the people of the link and the person who had drunk it by chance might be a friend

I decided to go to the invitation to have a drinking party here W

I was really lost.

I mean, I don’t talk. It’s a great tension.

Well today I do not know anything about the course of unlimited drinking of the Secretary-San (and was around 3500 yen)

Assorted Ham

Raw Ham Ume ~ ~ ~ ~

Seafood Salad

You have to eat the salad, too.

Assorted bread

The fresh bread is like selling it.

Fluffy Moist

The croissant is soaked with butter.


Salmon Tartar & Raisin butter



Because I had you recommend to apply it to the bread

It’s pretty when you put just one.

Soft Shell Club Fritters

I’ve never eaten anything like this.

It is a guy immediately after the molting of crab!


Pizza “Hungi”

The pizza is so delicious.

Pizza “Ancho Bickepper”

It’s delicious, but it’s getting full.

Tagliolini kneaded with Pescatore tomatoes

The pasta of the seafood is really good with a rich sauce again.


Tagliolini mixed with the Pescatore squid

There is no photograph.


T-Bone Steak

Not everyone is big.


Dessert Pizza “Mailer”

Sweet Pizza is also good sometimes


I was allowed to enjoy drinking well in this organization,

Because the shop is working or the time after the drink order is short

Bin Italian clerk is amazing!

Toyonaka Romantic Road? There is a head office in the place

Thank you for your invitation, thanks to those who let us together…

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The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.

Shop name Rosso (ROSSO) Esaka Store
Address 9-40 Toyotsu-cho, Suita-shi, 564-0051 (Tokyu Plaza Esaka basement 1F)
Phone number 06-6170-9600
Opening hours [LUNCH] 11:00-17:00 (L.O) [DINNER] 17:00-22:00 (L.O)

Closed on Tokyu Plaza Esaka
Parking lot
Map Https://
Home Page
Gurunavi Rosso Esaka store
Eating log Rosso Esaka store ( Italian / Esaka station )


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