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The pottery in the flat

The pottery in the flat


It became cold suddenly.

Snow is piled up and the road is slippery, but Christmas is near.

, It is a warm thing to want to eat when such cold.

I often see the pottery shop that I want for several months.

This time I visited a specialty pottery shop in the “Hiraki of the Pottery”.


I was not able to go because it was closed on Sundays, but I finally went.

I went inside and ordered three types of mayonnaise and hamburger.

There are also cream and chocolate, you can choose from among the five types of total.

Because I eat it as a lunch, I made it to a meal system than a sweet thing lol.

By the way, the price is 80 yen of cream and chocolate. Mayonnaise and hamburger steak is 110 yen and reasonable.

Please wait a little because I make it from now when I order it.

To make after order.

There were more than 10 seats, and I sat there and waited. It seems to be able to eat in.

There are many pictures of celebrities and announcers in the shop!

It seems to have been introduced in various media.

It seems to have finished the pottery for about ten minutes.

I decided to pay the price and eat it in the car.

Mayonnaise (110 yen)

Thank you, it is delicious.

The cheese is also in, it is a mellow feeling.

The taste of mayonnaise is stronger.

Hamburger (110 yen)


The hamburger steak is a 100% homemade beef.

It was delicious, but I felt bland because I ate the mayonnaise first.

It was a mistake lol.

Anna (80 yen)

Lol that didn’t crack nicely.

The bean paste is chock-full of sweetness.

It is very delicious.

It’s all about 8cm in size,

When I ate three, I was quite full.

All of them were delicious, so I had to eat cream and chocolate!

Also with the line.


The pottery in the flat

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Hokkaido 2 chome, Kikusui, Shiroishi-ku, Sapporo

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