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The revival of the article of Buckwheat noodles (chikuni bu), tears to the popularity of bamboo students?

The revival of the article of Buckwheat noodles (chikuni bu), tears to the popularity of bamboo students?

  にほんブログ村 グルメブログ 関西食べ歩きへ

I was thinking that I would not be able to see the bamboo students anymore.

There’s a Mr. A who likes to write once in a while.

It’s a great honor,

The parking lot is already full

I can’t go home in time.

I can’t come too much.

Daytime Chikuni is a lot of rivals

That was the day.

The parking lot is very difficult to secure.

The parking lot in the store is 18, 20.

Just around the corner near the store

It’s the first obstacle to being good at this.

Wait for the previous guest or get a coin-parking

The next hurdle is whether the audience is open.

The latter is more difficult on weekdays,

It’s both questionable on Saturday. It is always in line with either one

I miss the takestudents. Let me eat it out on Saturday noon.

Because it is feelings.

I finally put it in my mind.

I seem to be very hungry while I’m waiting.

I want to eat a set meal unusually.

Popular Roast Pork Set

This amount.


Make a small Chinese noodle with miso soup less than half of rice.

My fine Road menu.

I don’t ask too much because there are too many menus

Everyone asks for a roast pig.

Soaked by day the softness, the condition is different

Of course I like it.

Today is the general, sweet and sound.


It’s a simple Chinese soba.

It was delicious.

There are times when I want to eat this.

Sprouts also Ali

Pepper a little and also Ali

The small bowl is the daily day and the yam strips


After all, it is the same as rice

The life of a pig


The general landlady will send out his face when he is busy.

Is your sister sending you out?

It’s full day.

It seems to be bad from noon again

Cheer up

Such a restaurant Soba noodle shop

Like after all

* Please note that there is no takeout of the grilled pork.


PS: The general of the figure with a funky bike is a bracket yes

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Buckwheat noodles (Chikuni bu)
Address 10-12 Nishimagacho, Amagasaki, Hyogo
Phone number 06-6401-7096
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Ari (18 ・ 20) beside the parking lot shop
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