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Thick piece Loin and Zen and Chaya Tsumiya store @ JR Amagasaki 15 min walk

Thick piece Loin and Zen and Chaya Tsumiya store @ JR Amagasaki 15 min walk

  にほんブログ村 グルメブログ 関西食べ歩きへ

A day off in the morning

I came to eat beer and pork cutlet.

Car W

I put up with it.


Wow so hot

The body seems to be ruined.

I remember visiting a long ago, but I do not know W

I came to eat a thick

Because the ceiling is high, there is a sense of openness to feeling yes

The customer is quite full, there is a counter, but it is full.

I was allowed to sit in the seat of the parlor, the heart will be healed by polite customer service and delicious tea


Light porcelain A classic white pig or a special black pig,

Black over 2,000 yen

The Thick of the white pig

Thick piece Loin and Zen 1630 yen It’s expensive, but I want to eat thick piece.


Grate the sesame seeds

Put the sauce

Cover the stomach with miso soup with cabbage


A big cutlet is waiting.

It’s really big!

It is too big and there is a meal response not to be able to eat.


I wonder if the heat is 1cm.

Crumbs are rough and crispy


The body is very moist and hardened.

The texture is excellent.

It takes a considerable amount of power to eat.

Is it not possible to have cabbage and rice for free instead?


If this is a big pork cutlet, it might be a lot of people.

I eat too much.

It is the shop which seems to be convenient in the event that atmosphere is better than taste

We have 21 parking spaces.


The food is not only a cutlet but also Japanese food.

I do not know the place well because I do not land intuition too much,

It seems to be easy to go shopping in the place of about 15 minutes from JR nun.

The shop which makes you eat comfortably is good.

The menu was too many to abandon the photo W
Please check the shop’s HP →Http:// .

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The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.

Shop name and Chaya            

Address 2-11-1 Tsukiya, Amagasaki, Hyogo
Phone number 06-6494-6667
Business Hours: Mon-Sat 11:00 ~ 15:30 (L.O.15) 17:30 ~ 22:30 (L.O.22:00)
Sunday and national Holidays 11:00 ~ 22:30 (L.O.22:00)
Holiday New Year
21 Parking spaces
Home Page
Gurunavi: Chaya Tsukiya Store
Eating log and Chaya Tsukiya store ( tonkatsu / Amagasaki Station (JR))

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