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What to do if you drop the phone! @ One night there is a place with a person in a taxi is also an event on the way to the place? Think that was

What to do if you drop the phone! @ One night there is a place with a person in a taxi is also an event on the way to the place? Think that was

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One night, I went out to a place to drink.

As always, forget nothing.

Concentrate on the delicious stuff

Have a good drink

While saying things without puerile,

I talked about food.

And you get better.

It is a shameful story that you become bullish when you drink alcohol.

Move the location

Also, I drink alcohol in one place.

I’ve gotten a lot.

If you look at the phone has been hung on the line

I feel like I have an incoming call history.

Call Somebody back

I remember having fun talking about something drunk.

I feel like I was on the way to the other side

I have a rough grasp of that. Sweat

It was really fun.

Then we go to the next shop.

How did you get out and where did you get the cab?

I do not know the meaning, but the scenery left the shop remains.

I took a taxi and swayed.

Moreover, it came to another shop by adding a different friend.

I don’t even know what you’re talking about.

But I remember what I drank what I ate.

The camera has some traces left.

It is already a fine time.

The purse is almost empty.

The only little left is the taxi fare.

Put your friends first

Where am I in the taxi??? I don’t know. This is completely flying.

I noticed that the front of the house

Oh, No. Where’s your phone?

(Oh, good. Brush your teeth and sleep.)

This is the flow.

Punishment yourself by exposing shame.

Haha that’s not even M

Don’t panic the next day

I don’t know where to put it.

But I didn’t put it anywhere. There was no yesterday.

It’s been blurred lately.

However, the bokeh condition of weep

From there, I rush to contact my friend.

I was able to contact you because I was able to log in the line with a PC.

I had a habit of returning the settings once in a while, but I didn’t return this day.

I’m lucky.

I contacted everyone, but I didn’t know where I was.

Reluctantly call the carrier and have the line shut,

The correspondence is good and I feel very good, but there is no cell phone.

The rest is the problem of Rakuten Edy… that can’t be stopped.

Is there such a stupid story? ButCharlene.Convenient Wallet Mobile

The money you’re charging might be used all the same. I’m afraid.

However, it seems to be a story which cannot help giving up.

And, the lost delivery is put out in the police box in front of Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture.

It’s been a long time since the police box, but the air isn’t feeling good

The police are not able to serve the customer. The work of the perpetrator or

The air is heavy…

But I have no choice but to take care of you.

And, because I drank it in Osaka, I checked the police in Osaka by telephone.

But not…

It doesn’t seem to arrive…

If other lost, Osaka Prefecture seems better to go to the police station in Osaka Prefecture and put out the lost delivery.

It is a mistake because the police in Hyogo prefecture said. There’s no information going back and forth.

I was studying.

But when I call Osaka on the phone,

If you have a phone call from a carrier, the police officer in Osaka

I don’t know, but I can’t go to Osaka on weekdays anyway.

I’ll start my life a few days without my cell phone as punishment.

Living without a mobile phone for a few days

All you need is a wristwatch and a wallet, so you need a wallet.

It’s not just another thing,

I’m not going to hang out at work and it’s pretty easy

It was a very refreshing time for me to rely on anything and everything.

I can contact you on my computer. It’s nothing.

On line or on Facebook and PC.

Just in case you see it every day, there’s nothing else.

I heard from my career.

I received a cell phone from the police station in Osaka.

Because I send the material of the career from Tokyo, it arrives in a few days.

And with a seal and ID.

I need you to go to the police station somewhere by 5pm on weekdays.

The most recent thing has happened.

It’s not something we throw away in the world.

A kind person delivered it.

I think that taxi driver is the most powerful,

Not a name, but someone is a mystery.

But it’s really my hero.

The balance of the wallet cell phone is in as it is

The smartphone has returned without any change.

That reminds me of a name, and I also put in a coin purse.

I wish I had been doing a little for the sake of the people.

I came back.

Compassion is more for people who don’t know people at all.

I think so.

It is important to have patience for a few days and to believe in the world.

After that, the strap is attached to my smartphone and I have to learn.

It depends… w

Next, I’m worried about the camera, so I’ll tied…

Thank you for your concern. I have a mobile phone at hand.

Thank you very much.

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