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Freshness Burger Hot Dog set & Freshness Burger

Freshness Burger Hot Dog set & Freshness Burger

Freshness Burger Hot Dog set & Freshness Burger


Today (20 days) lunch (brunch)

1f, Chuo 1-chome, Aoba-ku, JR Sendai station

To “freshness Burger Sendai Station”あし


Menu on the side of the store entrance目


To the storeDASH!

In the front cashier counter, order, accounting system.


I ordered “Hot dog Set” (420 yen)& “Freshness Burger” from the morning menu until 11:00(480 yen for 20 days, 240 yen half price)ビックリマーク

I asked for a hot dog tuna tomato dog and a drink in iced coffee.


Finish the accounting, receive a drink and a number bill, to the vacant seatDASH!


Provided in about five minutesビックリマーク

Tuna Tomato Dog is a soft kopepan with a tomato and lettuce.

The freshness burger was a taste of stability with beef patty & special meat sauce & mayonnaise & tomatoes in the bun which kneaded the pumpkin.


The business hours are from 6:30.


I forgot, but recently I received a letter.はてなマーク

▼ Today Limited! Blog Stamps


手紙 [Blu-ray] Letter [Blu-ray]

1,349 yen


イルマーレ [DVD] Ilmare [DVD]

4,300 yen


Thank you very much.真顔

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