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It is eaten from the freezer as it is. Beef Toro Rice bowl @ Mail Sale

It is eaten from the freezer as it is. Beef Toro Rice bowl @ Mail Sale

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Eating MallTasting.

It seems to be a popular product.

I do not think so I just saw ~ w

It has a sauce and a set.

There seems to be no sauce.

This time it’s a sauce ant.



The flakes of this cow remain frozen from the freezer.

Just put it on warm rice!

This is so convenient!

Easy Palm easy to use!

It is easy to thaw naturally when I put it on a warm rice




Or your favorite soy sauce or other accessories.

Put something that would fit the rice

Topped with onion, seaweed, yam, large leaves, ginger, egg yolk, etc.

It is a product that can be delicious if you ask.

It’s like this.


It is frozen immediately after it puts it.

But a little bit.

Yes color ~ ~ ~ ~

You’re done unpacking.

The amount of rice and the balance of flakes are important!

Too much flake is a waste.

And, because the fat of the troflakes melts and it greasy and it is large,

Distribution by preference

I think that the seasoning of the soy sauce etc. is less good eyes.

Because I do not feel the goodness of meat, I think it is important here.



It was very delicious.

It’s a haari.

It’s easy, it’s too convenient to eat too much.

Purchase from the mall eat the following URL

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