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Kitashinchi Matsuan @ Osaka Kitashinchi Dojimadori 2F comfortable Dashi

Kitashinchi Matsuan @ Osaka Kitashinchi Dojimadori 2F comfortable Dashi

  にほんブログ村 グルメブログ 関西食べ歩きへ

Please make a reservation here in the introduction of Mr. Kaku

Yes, I’m here.

Kitashinchi Matsuan The east side of the Dojimadori is with this source and I do not hesitate even I W

The picture goes up the stairs in the entrance of the first floor, and the atmosphere spreads.


Yes, I got a glass of champagne for the best seats in the counter.

Feeling a rich atmosphere

The tension is not solved W


A small bowl of appetizers is arranged one after another

ALA fun.

The drinking relishes! I’m weak.

Seared Bonito

How much soy sauce pickled

Choi Yuzu is a faint fragrance, salted plum

Horse meat

It’s soft.


The sweetness of soybeans is fine.


Whirlpool Kelp

The crunchy texture was very comfortable.

In addition, it does not accumulate the incense of the dashi soup spreads softly.R0047519[1]

It seems to be can’t get drunk to drink a lot by this alone.

The beer is delicious.

I love thin glass.


The next came out

Assorted dishes and sushi plates



Soft! Is this a boil?

That’s a good thing, isn’t it?

White Shrimp snapper in Toro

All of them are delicious, but the season is the autumn fish! Yeah, I’m fat.

And sushi

Shrimp, Kojada

Shrimp Plump

A refreshing feeling of Kojada

Smell None work

It is not so much that you can eat delicious because it is not good,


Rock brat

Milki ~ ~ ~

It is a rich sea milk.

I can’t eat a lot.

The amount of the size of this about two mouths is just right.

Please do not drink.

It’s the only warm, so I’ve chosen the chef to choose the one that suits me.

A small pot came out.

And charcoal.

Gold medal snapper is the main

-Sorry W

Do you accumulate?

Quick Pan Shabu

I’m good.


Why do you think vegetables are delicious?

The dashi is delicious.

I got a river pig in the Choi service.

Thank you very much.


It’s a good decision.


The most dashi pot

I don’t have that taste.

The flavor of bonito and kelp with rich aroma is quite delicious

I almost drank it all.

It is also good to mix a ponzu vinegar.

It is a yes to enjoy it as it is.

Then tempura

Sweet potatoes, Nanjing and white fish

What did you do with this white fish?

I forgot it, but it was soft and comfortable.

Texture is going to smile

Finally grilled meat meal W


Corbicula Miso Soup

This is a good soup.

Corbicula Extract

This pickle is good again.

I have never eaten a turnip so thick and delicious seasoning.

It’s good to be with you.

Well, let’s have meat-chan.

Three slices of a big eye are just right.

Soft! Jubot ~ Oil Melts the mouth ~

It’s delicious!

The meat is coming out to Japanese food because it seems that the owner is doing the Yakiniku restaurant anything ^ ^

I think it is good ^ ^

Finally sake sorbet

Milk-based but refreshing


Yes, we have a meal.

Your accounting
Raw Biar Chuhi Sake
The change of the coin is 10,000 yen in the course dish.


It was all delicious.

And yes seat in front of the chef’s eyes let me sit

I was able to have a better meal.

The service is good.

It’s better to make a reservation early in the day.
Which troupe was back……

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Shop name Kitashinchi Matsuan ~ Ajiwai of Four Seasons ~
Address 〒 530-0003 1-1-20 Doujima, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan
Phone number 06-6344-0200
Business hours 17:30 ~ The next 3:00 (L.O.)
Closed Days and holidays
Parking lot
Eating log

Kitashinchi Matsuan ( Kappo/small cooking / Ohe-bashi station, Kitashinchi station , Higashi-Umeda station )


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